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Archive for the ‘Decorating With Beach Treasures’ Category

Christmas Tree by the Sea

Posted by Jody on December 25, 2013

Greg and I spotted this beautiful shades-of-the-sea Christmas tree at the Hotel del Coronado in sunny Southern California.  It was tucked away near the downstairs shops by a little snack bar. I’m so glad we went exploring! This fabulous Christmas tree was chock-full of wonderful ideas for a very crafty new year!

“O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree,
Much pleasure doth thou bring me!” ♫

~ O Christmas Tree, Traditional Christmas Carol

Best wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a many, many happy beachy days in the New Year!


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Got Driftwood?

Posted by Jody on August 23, 2013

Can you believe what you can do with a wall mirror, some driftwood, and a hot glue gun?

Got Driftwood?

Got Driftwood?

Alaina and I found this drift wood artwork in a hotel elevator lobby along Alabama’s beautiful Gulf Coast. It looks like a pretty easy-breezy weekend project to me. What do you think?

Is it time to dive into your driftwood stash? We’d love to see your crafty side!


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Do-It-Yourself Flip Flop Wreath!

Posted by Jody on June 6, 2013

Flip Flop Fun!

Flip Flop Fun!

When I saw a photo of a 5-shoe flip flop wreath a few days ago on Facebook, I thought it would be great fun to make one for us (only better, if I do say so myself)!

Here are the very simple step by step directions for how we made our very own fun and beachy Flip Flop Wreath:

Supplies: 4 sets of children’s size 10 flip flops and enough artificial flowers to cut 8, 4-inch wire stems. Gather together a needle nose pliers, hot glue gun, and a side cutter tool.

Note: I bought the children’s size 10 flip flops because I wanted to be able to have a reasonable sized wreath with 8 shoes in 4 colors. Of course, you can mix it up for your own taste and/or occasion! Think of how great this would be in red, white, and blue for a backyard 4th of July party! Final material cost: only $6.00 from the nearby dollar store.

First, Greg and I placed the flip flops on the floor in various overlapping configurations. We determined that we would need to reverse the direction of the left-foot flip flops so they would come around in a circular fashion (toe facing inside the circle). Basically, once you lay your flip flops out, you’ll find the pattern that’s right for you.

Insert flower wire through toe post hole with needle nose pliers

Inserting flower wire through toe post hole with needle nose pliers

After we  finalized our wreath pattern, we started construction by pushing a single flower wire through the toe post hole of the top (overlapping) flip flop and continued to push through the lower flip flop so that the top shoe was anchored to the bottom one. In some cases we did not use the toe post, but instead pushed the flower through the heal of the top shoe first (this happened when we reversed the shoe order for the left-foot flip flops).

Insert flower wire through toe post hole

Inserting flower wire through toe post hole

Pull flower wire through flip flop with needle nose pliers

Pulling flower wire through flip flop with needle nose pliers

We pulled the wire flower stem through the bottom flip flop using needle nose pliers and bent the wires over on the bottom side to hold the flip flops in place. Then, we continued around  in a circular pattern until they were all connected into the shape of a wreath.

Bend flower wire into place

Bending flower wire into place

We shaped one wire flower stem into a hook for hanging.

Bottom of wreath

Bottom of Wreath

Once we had our wreath together, we made sure to push all of the shoes and flowers into the shape we wanted. We cemented the Flip Flop Wreath into its final form using hot glue.

Use hot glue to stabilize flip flops

Using hot glue to stabilize flip flops

Side View

Side View

Finally, we added a simple sunny yellow ribbon bow to our Flip Flop Wreath.

We added a simple ribbon bow to our Flip Flop Wreath


You can personalize your Flip Flop Wreath by gluing on lightweight seashells, sand dollars, or other beach treasures. Have fun!

Wishing you a flip-flop-fun kinda day!


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Imagine the possibilities!

Posted by Jody on March 28, 2013

Mix and match: sun, surf, and sand!

~Imagine the possibilities~

Beach Treasures Under Glass!

Beach Treasures Under Glass!

Upside down glasses, beach treasures and beach scented candles, it’s that easy!


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Festive Seashell Caroler and Angel Ornaments

Posted by Jody on December 5, 2012

Easy Christmas Ornaments: Seashell Angels and Carolers

Easy Christmas Ornaments: Seashell Carolers and Angels

Here’s a quick and easy idea for family-time creativity and crafting! Seashell Christmas angels and carolers are just perfect for the Fraser Fir, and they’ll add seaside style when hung on drawer pulls and cabinet knobs for the rest of the year!

Elisa and I had a blast last week putting these little seashell Christmas angel and caroler ornaments together.

List of doodads and tools we used for our evening of holiday fun:
□ seashells: scallops, oysters, cockles, etc.
□ wooden beads
□ 1/8 inch ribbon on spools
□ pipe cleaners
□ pre-made ribbon flowers
□ rickrack
□ glitter and glitter glue
□ buttons of all sizes
□ permanent markers (or craft paints)
□ hot glue gun and glue sticks
□ scissors

~Click on the photos to enlarge and scroll through~

Hairdos and faces were drawn on some of the wooden beads with permanent markers. A few of the angels have glitter glue painted on their seashell skirts. Buttons were used as hats. Halos and arms were made from pipe cleaners. We made our angels’ wings by simply looping the ribbon around a hand a few times and tying the center with a knot.
Just to be sure, a few the of the seashell ornaments were stabilized by hot gluing buttons to the backs of the figures (where the seashells met).

There we have it: festive, fun seashell Christmas ornaments and year-round seashore keepsakes!

Here are a few more ideas for using your beach treasures as Christmas tree ornaments:

Seashell Crafting for All Ages

Shellabrating Christmas in July

Rock Barnacles and Rough Keyhole Limpets: Ready-made Ornaments

Merry Christmas and Happy Crafting from our family to yours!


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Seashell Wallflowers! Display Your Beach Treasures.

Posted by E.G.D. on November 24, 2012

~From our Oldies but Goodies Collection~

Aloha, all!  Jody came to the conclusion recently that it was high time we had a easy seashell craft post, and I quite agree.  So, while she sets to work on a very spiffy bit of beachy embroidery (embellished with beach treasures, of course!), I have decided to make wallflowers.  “What do wallflowers have to do with the beach?”  you might ask, and it is a perfectly valid question.  The answer is: I made framed and matted seashell wall hangings out of Jody and Greg’s Sanibel Island, Florida beachcombing finds.  I arranged the seashells in the shape of flowers.

This was a delightfully easy process that I’m sure any person with a lot of seashells on his or her hands could manage.  What you’ll need, if you’re planning to do this project yourself, is a nice frame, some card-stock or matting, seashells, and a hot glue gun.

For my first seashell wallflower, I used two pieces of matting with ovals cut out of the middle and a bit of natural-looking brown paper in a nice, dark brown frame.  Check it out!

Wallflower Number 1 (craft and photo by E.G.D.)

For this one, I used a lightning whelk as a sort of vase or base for the seashell flower arrangement.  Shell fragments made for quite shiny and metallic-looking leaves, and some conch shells made for flower petals.  I think the middle of the flower is a shark eye snail shell.  Please bear in mind that ANY of these shells can be substituted by whatever you happen to have in your collection.  Case in point, here’s the second seashell flower arrangement I put together:

Wallflower Number 2 (craft and photo by E.G.D.)

This is set in a dollar-store (Daiso 100-yen store, actually) photo frame I bought a long time ago in Japan.  The background is a recycled, folded greeting card envelope.  Notice that the effect is more or less the same as my first project, but none of the seashells are the same!  That’s the great thing about such a simple craft.  No two of your seashell flower wall hangings will ever be the same!  I was thinking that a whole series of these would look great on a bathroom wall, and really, these would make for amazingly thoughtful and low-cost holiday gifts for those of you who are looking to go D.I.Y. with your gifting this year.  Alternately, if you substituted white glue for the hot glue, this would be a great easy seashell craft for the whole family to enjoy.  My little niece and nephew always have a ball doing this sort of thing.

So, happy seashell crafting, everyone!  Rather than link the above images to the store (our usual policy for our copyrighted images), I left them linked to significantly larger versions of the images.  Please feel free to use them as a reference, but please don’t use them for anything else without writing to us and asking for permission.  If you have any questions, or if you’d like to share your thoughts on this project, please leave a comment!  We’d love to hear from you.  – E.G.D.

An oldie but a goodie! Originally posted on October 27, 2011


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3D Beach Treasure Picture Frame by KK

Posted by Jody on November 18, 2012

Today’s Awesome Crafter and Featured Writer is Fellow Blogger KK @ KnowledgeKnut

When I stumbled upon Jody’s blog (or maybe it was vice versa) I thought how fun it would be to submit a craft project for beach treasures that I was in the process of doing.  I also thought it would give me the push (read shove) to finish it!

Photo by KK @ KnowledgeKnut

So, I have a series of pictures to accompany the steps.  Even though I purchased this frame at Pier One, it would be incredibly easy to make.  The frame is 1 ¼ thick, 21” tall, 18” wide.  The wire could be replicated by using wire coat hangers (remember those?).  You can paint the frame any color you like, even to compliment or contrast your décor.  Consider what I will be showing you as something similar to a basic cookie dough recipe.  You can change it up any way you want!

I actually got two frames from Pier One for 50% off each.  They were marked down because the little clothes pins had been lost.  I simply went to a craft store, purchased a bag of small pins and painted them the colors I wanted.

Then I sat looking at the frames for a long time wondering what in the heck I was going to do with them.  My initial thought was B&W photos, but I don’t really have any of those and I don’t want vintage ones of people I don’t know!  So I finally settled on beach treasures.  Lord knows I have enough of them around the house.  But after I fixed up the clothes pins and attached the shells and things, it looked so blah.  That was when I came up with idea for a three dimensional look.

Photo by KK @ KnowledgeKnut

What I really want is a vintage map of Point Reyes Beach, Sir Francis Drake Beach, etc.  These maps can run high ($$$), so my girlfriend found something else for me.  She says this is drawer liner (very nice weight).  Subsequently, I decided to give that a try for now.  The other thing I needed was something for the front of the frame.  I found vintage, used fishing net (not fishy), for a really great price on e-Bay (what can’t you find on e-Bay?).  I’m all set, ready?

3D Picture Frame(s)

The frames measure 21” T x 18” x W 1 ¼” thick.  I would imagine that any width of wood would work, and you can make it whatever size you need.  For informational purposes, these frames have 9 slots (for want of a better word).  The wire used is approximately the thickness of a wire hanger, perhaps a bit thicker, but it is really not necessary to go that thick.

Photo by KK @ KnowledgeKnut

1.  First thing I did was go to the craft store for those clothes pins.  Then I painted them.  As you can see from the finished picture – I can’t count – I left one out!

Photo by KK @ KnowledgeKnut

2.  The next thing I did was play around with the beach treasures.  Some things were too heavy, some things hung funny, some things looked funny and I wanted a mix of sizes, shapes and objects.

3.  I attached the painted, dried, pins.  I noticed this could be done a couple of ways and am still playing around with that.  Then I got my supplies in order:  beach treasures, backing, netting, tape and staple gun.

Photo by KK @ KnowledgeKnut

4.  I played around with the layout of the map (backing) versus the placement of the treasures for maximum effect.

Photo by KK @ KnowledgeKnut

5.  I marked where I needed to cut the backing and then temporarily taped it to the frame.  This way I can make sure it is straight, before I staple gun it to the frame.

Photo by KK @ KnowledgeKnut

6.  Depending upon how I want the net, I may attach the treasures first, then place the net on top or work the net into some of the treasures so things look tangled.  Still playing with that idea.

Photo by KK @ KnowledgeKnut

7.  Finished (almost) look!  Lots of fun and I am getting ready to do my second frame!

Photo by KK @ KnowledgeKnut

Jody’s note: Wow! What a creative way to display and decorate with beach treasures!  Wouldn’t this be the perfect gift for the beach enthusiast on your list? Imagine the possibilities.

KK, thank you so much for sharing your amazing creativity with us! 


About KK:  Just this week, I made my acting debut at Stage 3 in Sonora, in the production of Brighton Beach Memoirs by Neil Simon. I also recently did a radio show on breast cancer, attended an awesome, local, empowerment retreat , am creating a very popular blog, wrote an article for my local paper, The Union Democrat, and am working on publishing my first book. My curiosity is boundless, which has led me on a very interesting life path. Let me show you.

I currently hold degrees or certificates in the following fields: Master Gardener; Educational Therapist Certification (well almost); Foundation Certificate in Gemmology (Great Britain); BA in Law Studies; Paralegal Certificate; AA in Language & Literature and; Gourmet Cooking & Catering Certificate.   I speak 6 languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Farsi), some of them very poorly, but at least I can find the restroom!

Please come visit me, I can promise to put a smile on your face, or maybe even make you laugh. You may stumble across one of my “thinking” posts or may simply be entertained by the photography. Either way, I promise it will be fun!


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Get Away Every Day! Do-It-Yourself Mini Zen Beach

Posted by Jody on November 8, 2012

Have you seen those fun little desktop zen gardens?  Well, here’s a do-it-yourself idea for us beach lovers: a desktop mini zen beach!

I actually looked for these little desktop beach kits online and considered buying one, but then realized that I’d rather personalize my own little zen beach.  It’s so easy and lots of fun to put one of these mini beach sets together.

Do-It-Yourself Desktop Zen Beach Accessories (Photo ©Jody Diehl)

For the base, I used an old picture frame with a 6×6 photo opening. Taking the backing off and removing the glass, I cut a piece of a vinyl placemat to size and glued it into the opening. I packed the cardboard squares back into the frame (behind the place mat) and secured the back with the same slip-proof matting. Since I used a blue placemat, I kept cutting and made some surf for the beach, too.

Use your imagination and personalize your own mini zen beach! Sterilized, decorative sand is available at your local craft store. I chose the color of the golden sands of Southern California’s coastline. You may decide on black for the famous black sand beaches of the Big Island, pink to remind you of that amazing trip to the Bahamas, or white sand for the pristine shores of Barbados.

Do-It-Yourself Mini Zen Beach with Sand Castle Christmas Ornament

A sand pail and shovel are the real key here. Little seashells on the beach are a must, in my book. The rest is up to your unlimited creativity.

I used my miniature seashells from Sanibel Island, Florida.  The little pieces of “sea glass” are oven baked, tiny plastic pellets used for “stained glass” Christmas ornaments and sun catchers. A button makes a great little umbrella stand. For mini beachy accessories, head to the toy department, the kids’ Barbie bins or their play room! Find what makes your own desktop beach “zen.”  I found the perfect beach themed doll set at a discount store (she looks just like me). From then on, it was a blast to set up these beach scenes!

Do-It-Yourself Desktop Zen Beach

Do-It-Yourself Desktop Zen Beach (She looks just like me!)

This desktop addition is sure to help you beat those Monday morning blues!  Have fun, change it up, and try to get some work done! ;-)

Now you can get away every day with your very own mini zen beach!

Please remember to share us with your friends! You can find us on Facebook at One Shell of a Find.  Thank you!


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Travel Theme: On Display

Posted by Jody on October 17, 2012

This week’s Travel Theme has been put together with a little help from my friends! Beach enthusiasts love to bring back natural doodads and nicknacks as souvenirs.  We wouldn’t think of packing them them away. No, beachcombers happily place their seashore treasures “On Display” before their aqua socks are dry!

“On Display” by Mary Hilgart

“This one is mostly shells that I have found on the Gulf Shores of Florida. The sand dollars are from the Bahamas. The starfish that you see in front is store-bought, and the very large shell on top was from my mother’s collection – not sure where.” ~Mary

“On Display” by Jody Diehl

My “On Display” is a dressed up shelf in our kitchen.  The various salt shakers are filled with seashells, sea glass, beach stones and wave tumbled pottery.  The painting was done by our talented niece Jennifer Diehl, a well known artist from Portland, Oregon.

“On Display” by Alaina Diehl – View from down under!

“As you know, my family likes to string up our beach finds. What you might not know is that we keep them “On Display” year-round! This special ornament “tree” holds shells, barnacles, beach rocks, a glass mermaid, and even Santa playing in the sand. When I was a kid, my favorite view of the Christmas tree was looking up from underneath.” ~Alaina

“On Display” by Linda Kolman

On Display: 1) Catalina Island, California 2) Brighton, England 3) Fort Bragg, California

Please feel free to send a photo of your best beach treasure display!  We love to share. :-)

“Travel Theme: On Display” is inspired by Ailsa of Where’s my backpack?

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Soap Solutions with Seaside Style

Posted by Jody on August 16, 2012

You know how hand soap can get a little squidgy when it sits in the the soap dish?  Here are a few ways to keep that bar of soap high and dry with seaside style.  Just place a handful of tumbled beach treasures between the soap and the dish to keep your bar from sitting in sudsy water. It’s the perfect everyday use for little one-of-a-kind finds! Not only that, these beach themed soap dishes add an extra fun touch of color to the bathroom or kitchen sink.

We found these wave polished pottery pieces at Pebbly Beach on beautiful Catalina Island, California.

Sea tumbled pottery

These smooth seashells fragments are just the right size  and color for the soap-dish-sized Giant Rock Scallop shell we found on the beach in Bolinas, California.

Smoothly polished bits of seashells in a Giant Rock Scallop

Giant Rock Scallop (Crassedoma giganteum)

Sea glass adds a colorful splash to any room.

Sea glass for your soap dish

For obvious reasons, your absolute smoothest beach treasures are the best ones for propping up your soap bar.  They’re also easier to rinse clean.

Beach treasures and clean hands never go out of style.  Also (and I really can’t help myself, here) beach treasure soap dishes are just good clean fun!

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