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New York City Beaches Make the Grade!

Posted by Jody on August 22, 2011

Rockaway Beach and Boardwalk, New York City (©Jody Diehl)

Greg and I visited New York City for a wedding last summer.  Having decided to make a vacation out of the long trip from Albuquerque,  we squeezed in some of the typical touristy stuff.  You know, enjoying the hubbub in Times Square, strolling across the Brooklyn Bridge, taking a ride on the Staten Island Ferry, going to a ballgame.  There is so much to do and see in New York City.  The one thing we couldn’t miss, of course, was a trip to a New York City beach!   The bride and groom highly recommended Rockaway Beach, the city’s only surfing beach, in the borough of Queens.  So… we checked with our handy, reliable HopStop phone app, hopped on the bus, and set out to enjoy the day!  And enjoy the day we did.

Atlantic Surf Clam (Photo by Invertzoo, from Wikimedia Commons)

Rockaway Beach is a beautiful stretch of sand that was strewn with super sized Atlantic Surf Clam shells the day of our visit.  Shell hunting was no challenge.  The challenge and fun of it was the friendly beachcombing competition to find the most jumbo seashell specimen we could!  Running the length of the beach is a well-kept boardwalk with maintained public restrooms.  It’s easy to see by the early morning activity that Rockaway Beach is indeed one of New York City’s most popular beaches.  This favored municipal beach rated a “very good” in the newest biennial survey compiled by the advocacy group New Yorkers for Parks.

The organization’s 27 page “Report Card on Beaches” is due out  Monday, August 22nd.  In an article from the New York Times, writer Joseph Berger states: “The report, by the century-old organization New Yorkers for Parks, says the city’s municipal beaches have shown a “vast improvement” since its last survey two years ago, with beaches like Orchard Beach in the Bronx and South Beach on Staten Island rated excellent for maintenance of their sand, boardwalks, bathrooms and drinking fountains.” Along with Rockaway Beach, Coney Island also rated “very good”.  According to the story, no beaches were rated “unsatisfactory”, as was the case for two beaches in the last two reporting surveys.  It’s always nice to bring home a good report card!

You can check out the good news about New York City’s beaches at

Do you have a favorite New York City beach?  Please tell us!

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