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Beachcombing on Waikiki Beach (Oahu, Hawaii)

Posted by Jody on October 13, 2011

What will you find on Waikiki Beach? Surfers, sunsets and sea glass!

World famous Waikiki Beach, once the favored playground of Hawaiian royalty, is one of my all-time favorite beaches for its scenery and sea glass collecting.  Waikiki Beach’s beautiful, clean white sands stretch for nearly two miles from the Hilton Hawaiian Village to the  iconic Diamond Head crater.  The entire sandy strand has smaller named stretches of beach.  Beginning near the Hilton Lagoon (a very tame place for a family swim) they are: Kahanamoku Beach, Fort DeRussy Beach, Gray’s Beach, Royal-Moana Beach, Waikiki Beach Center, and Queens Beach.

Waikiki Sea Glass, Oahu Hawaii (©Jody Diehl)

There are so many free things to do on Waikiki Beach.  That’s darn good news for those hard-earned vacation dollars! Of course, #1 on my list is beachcombing for sea glass!  I’ve been to Waikiki Beach numerous times and have yet to find a handful of whole seashells in any one visit, but colorful, ocean tumbled sea glass is easily found on the sandy shoreline of Waikiki Beach from the breakwater near the Hilton Hawaiian Village to the massive pink historic Royal Hawaiian Hotel.

Another freebie on the beach is held at Kuhio Beach Park. You’ll enjoy the torch-lighting ceremony followed by authentic Hawaiian music and hula performance on the stage under the banyan tree, near the bronze statue of Duke Kahanamoku. The Hilton Hawaiian Village hosts a Polynesian stage show on Friday evenings (not free) which is followed by a fireworks show (free) set up near the lagoon. Sunset on the Beach, at Queen’s Beach, is a no-cost outdoor family movie series shown on a 30 foot screen.  Take in a performance of the Royal Hawaiian Band, founded in 1836 by King Kamehameha III.  They perform at the Kapiolani Park Bandstand on Sunday afternoons. Swimming, sunbathing, watching the surfers, enjoying the sunrise, and beachcombing are always fun and always free! And, don’t miss those gorgeous Waikiki Beach sunsets (priceless)!

*Ask your hotel staff for information on free events. Scheduling may change.*

Waikiki Beach Sunset (priceless), Oahu, Hawaii (©Jody Diehl)

You’ll have no problem spending money on Waikiki Beach, if that’s your plan!  You can take surfing lessons, ride in an outrigger canoe, cruise on a catamaran, dine with a view…

My choice? Beachcombing for beautiful Waikiki Beach sea glass!  What a way to spend the day in paradise. Aloha!

What’s your favorite Waikiki Beach pleasure?


17 Responses to “Beachcombing on Waikiki Beach (Oahu, Hawaii)”

  1. Jody said

    Reblogged this on Beach Treasures and Treasure Beaches and commented:

    An oldie but goodie!

  2. We visited there last year this time and it was heaven. I also loved the aquarium not far from Waikiki Beach. The tanks of brightly colored fish were amazing… some of the best displays of sea life that I have ever seen!

  3. ksbeth said

    sea glass is one of my favorite things in the world

  4. kiwiskan said

    love that beach glass

  5. Marianne said

    The sea glass is so beautiful!

    Wishing you a very happy, healthy, and prosperous new year, Jody.


  6. Ruth said

    Ah Jodie, I love the lagoon at Waikiki, my son as a toddler was very happy there, and still is I hasten to add at 15. Lovely memories, thanks for re posting.

    • Jody said

      Thank you, Ruth! The lagoon is where I still go for a swim with my mother and grown daughters! I hope to take our grandchildren there one day too. Still making memories~ 🙂

  7. jakesprinter said

    Beautiful place my friend thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. beachy117 said

    Love the beach glass!Thanks for checking out my little ‘ol blog. When I found yours, I found a kindred spirit!

    • Jody said

      You certainly did! We’re actually heading to the Texas Gulf Coast (Quintana Beach) soon for some fun in the sun & sand! We do love the TX coast!

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