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South Arizona Telephone Cove, Lake Mohave, Arizona (Lake Mead National Recreation Area)

Posted by Jody on December 2, 2011

Shhhhhhh. We have a really great secret that we are going to share with you.  The Lake Mead National Recreation Area doesn’t tell you on their website or in their general park information that there is an awesome swimming beach near the Katherine Landing entrance station. The National Recreation Area’s park newspaper only lists Boulder Beach on Lake Mead (northwest of Hoover Dam) and Cottonwood Cove on Lake Mohave (east of Searchlight, Nevada) as designated swimming beach areas.  But, have we got a super Friday Find for you!

We stumbled upon an awesome surprise beach while on a roundabout drive home to Albuquerque from Las Vegas, Nevada. Heading into the Lake Mead National Recreation Area (NRA) at the Katherine Landing entrance station in Arizona, we had no idea what we’d find.  Passing by the Arizona Telephone Cove sign, we started our “explore” at Princess Cove, the farthest mapped point of interest from the park entrance.  Doubling back to Cabinsite Point and then on to North Arizona Telephone Cove we certainly found the many boat launches and plenty of scenic, shaded picnic areas set aside for park visitors. There was something that caught our eye, though. In the distance, the vague outline of a white, sandy-looking crescent was visible from our North Telephone Cove vantage point.  What exactly were we seeing, we wondered?

South Telephone Cove, Lake Mead NRA, Arizona (©Jody Diehl)

When we reached South Arizona Telephone Cove we couldn’t believe our good fortune! We found ourselves at the end of a dirt road, approaching a paved parking lot. We had found an absolutely gorgeous beach in a truly beautiful setting, complete with a roped off swimming area. “South Telephone Cove” has plenty of sandy shoreline, clear placid water, amazing Arizona desert views, and solitude.

View from the Beach, South Telephone Cove, Lake Mead NRA, Arizona (©Jody Diehl)

The sand along South Telephone Cove‘s shoreline ranges from sugar white (closer to the dunes) to pebbly areas perfect for beach rockhounding.  *You will want to wear your beach trekkers to protect your feet from the sharper pieces of rock.* It will be hard to decide whether to look down for the beautifully colored stones,  look up at the gorgeous scenery, or just look across the serene water for boats crossing beyond the cove.

What will you find beach rockhounding at South Telephone Cove, Arizona? (©Jody Diehl)

This area comes complete with shaded picnic tables and restrooms.  No lifeguards are on duty here, so be sure to follow the posted safety advice.

We cannot wait to head back to South Arizona Telephone Cove on a warm, sunny day! Even on a cool, overcast afternoon we had an absolutely splendid time at the beach.

This Way to the Beach!

Take the scenic route and enjoy the ride!

8 Responses to “South Arizona Telephone Cove, Lake Mohave, Arizona (Lake Mead National Recreation Area)”

  1. Nissa Terzian said

    Hi Jody.
    What a great find! Telephone Cove sounds like just the type of place my family has been searching for. We are new to the Las Vegas area and have been looking for a great swim spot. I just have one question…how do you get there? From Las Vegas. Thanks 🙂

    • Jody said

      Thanks so much for stopping by! ~From Las Vegas, head south on 95 and then east on 163 (into Laughlin, Nevada). Cross over into Arizona (there, the road is AZ 68, I believe) and look for the Katherine Landing sign(s). From AZ 68, we turned left onto Davis Dam Jct & on to Katherine Drive. It’s located in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, on Lake Mohave, which is north of Davis Dam. Be sure to bring everything you need for a day at the beach. South Telephone Cove has quite a remote feeling. Drinking water is a must! (Please, check a map or GPS for the directions. I wouldn’t want to steer you wrong!)
      The actual marina area at Katherine Landing is quite civilized.
      Have a great time! We’d love hear about your day.

  2. Hollie Mora, said

    Do you have to pay to get on? And how much if so ?

    • Jody said

      Hollie, there are the usual governmental NPS fees to enter the Recreation Site. Check with the park for the current rates & have a wonderful day at the beach!

  3. Diana Douglas said

    Just to let you know you can not collect rocks or anything else within the Lake Mead National Recreation Area which includes Lake Mojave.

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