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Rock Barnacles

Posted by Jody on December 22, 2011

Barnacles from (l) Silver Strand State Beach, California and (r) Newport , Oregon (Photo ©Jody Diehl)

Some of our favorite beach treasure finds are rock barnacles. It’s pretty simple to identify rock barnacles (see the photo to the right). Rock barnacles come with a natural opening which makes them perfect for stringing as ornaments and decorations.

Our little year round “memory tree” has a rock barnacle, hung with a ribbon, from the beaches of Newport, Oregon.  If you ask us, you just can’t beat a beachcombing find with a ready-made hole for stringing!

According to Word Book Online: the barnacle ” is the only crustacean that stays in one position during its adult life. Crustaceans, which include barnacles, lobsters, and shrimp, are a type of animal with a shell and jointed legs. Adult barnacles attach themselves to a hard surface, such as a rock, the hull of a ship, or even a whale.”

Carlton, James T. “Barnacle.” World Book Advanced. World Book, 2011. Web.  22 Dec. 2011.

Rock Barnacle Found Beachcombing at Newport, Oregon (Photo ©Jody Diehl)

Merry Christmas from the Diehl Family!

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