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Common Sense Rules in Ocean Shores, Washington.

Posted by Jody on January 24, 2012

The City of Ocean Shores, Washington boasts six miles of beautiful, sandy beaches. Situated on the Point Brown peninsula in Grays Harbor County, this little town’s beaches offer activities for every taste. What will you choose?  On the beaches of Ocean Shores you can enjoy beachcombing, building a beach fire, horseback riding, or driving your vehicle on the sand. Maybe you’ll want to participate in one of the seasonally held clam digs. Bordered by the Pacific Ocean and Grays Harbor, Ocean Shores offers plenty of opportunity to re-energize and rehydrate!

Beautiful Ocean Shores, Washington (Photo by Distressa/Wikipedia)

I’m really impressed by the prevailing philosophy that “common sense rules” in Ocean Shores, Washington.  There are many more activities available for visitors at the beaches of Ocean Shores than you might find at your favorite seaside haunt. Of course there are regulations and laws, but there appear to be more freedoms allowed to the public at the beaches of Ocean Shores than I have seen in most of my travels and much of my research.

According to the Ocean Shores Police Beach Safety webpage, “The beaches of Ocean Shores are some of the most beautiful and possibly dangerous in the world. The public has access to the beach 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Sunbathers, waders and kite flyers share the beach with horses, automobiles and mopeds. The ocean beaches are here for everyone to enjoy and we hope that your activities can be guided by common sense. Unfortunately, common sense sometimes escapes some of us and this is why regulations are necessary to remind us.”

“Ocean Shores” (Photo by Tom Harpel/Wikimedia Commons)

Their informative Beach Safety webpage offers regulations and guidelines for Vehicle and Pedestrian Safety beginning with the fact that “The beach is a state highway and all of the rules of the road apply. You need to read and obey all posted signs on beach approaches.”

The Police Beach Safety page also covers Fire Safety, including beach fires and fireworks regulations. The Wildlife Safety section includes expectations for visitors’ behavior around baby seals and shorebirds. Water/Shoreline Safety reminds us all that the ocean beaches of the Pacific Northwest have natural hazards that are not necessarily found on the sunny beaches of the tropics.

“The ocean water can be very beautiful but it can also be very deadly. The Washington coast has some of the roughest surf and strongest currents in the world.”  Hypothermia, rip currents, jellyfish, sharks, and keeping a safe distance from logs tossed upon the shore are all covered here.

Now, get out there and have some fun!  Stay safe & enjoy your day at the beach. 🙂


Ocean Shores, Grays Harbor County, Washington (Map: Arkyan/Wikimedia Commons)

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2 Responses to “Common Sense Rules in Ocean Shores, Washington.”

  1. […] As always you may left click upon an image to see an enlarged view and then click once again to see an even larger view… Beach access is allowed 24/7, 365 days a year…(not my photo)… I entered the beach drive at Ocean Shores access road… Closer now to the beach… When you reach the beach, you are allowed to only turn right, to the north… Speed limit is 25 mph… It’s recommended you drive on only the hard-packed sand… Lots of folks digging in the sand… Lots of folks walking the dog… Several groups of horse riders… The further north I progressed, the crowd thinned out… Until I could not legally go further… The access road to Ocean City… It’s neat that you are allowed to drive on a beach. So many places it is not allowed. It proves that with care the population can enjoy themselves with harming the beach. You can get more info by clicking this link…… […]

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