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Spend Valentine’s Day at the Beach: Best Romantic Beaches of Croatia

Posted by alainaflute on February 14, 2012

What comes to mind onValentine’s Day? Chocolates, cards, flowers, Croatian beaches… Well, maybe that’s not the first place you think of, but this European country just may be your next romantic beach destination! Located east of Italy on the Adriatic Sea, Croatia has enough islands and pebbly shores to delight anyone’s romantic fancy. Yes, fancy.

Map of Croatia (Rei-artur/Wikimedia Commons)

The website Croatia’s Best Beaches offers a list of Croatia’s best romantic beaches to explore. Here are just a few of those places to discover in lovely Croatia (just don’t ask me how to pronounce them):

Brela: Vrulja Beach It took me seconds to fall in love with this beach’s description. Brela “is an attractive village set on a beautiful full six kilometers of white pebbly beach and is surrounded by fig trees, olive groves and lovely pine woods.” Breathtaking sunsets and small coves make this a great romantic getaway.

Brijuni Islands Beach This quirky beach destination has a star-studded past. It was a popular summer destination with European royalty before WWII. After the war, Marshal Tito made this his summer home, hosting famous figures such as Fidel Castro, Ho Chi Minh, Queen Elizabeth II, Sophia Loren, Josephine Baker and Elizabeth Taylor (probably not all at the same time). Lovely shingle beaches and old Mediterranean holm oak trees set the scene for romance. Otherwise, weirdness abounds with “fossilized dinosaur footprints, giant greenhouses, pigeon aviary, donkeys, ostriches, deer, squirrels and hares and other animals freely loose, well-tanned parks full of Roman ruins, among them one of the most fascinating Roman villas in Verige bay.” I’m sure you’ll never get bored.

Croatian Beach (Photo by Jos/Wikimedia Commons)

Cres Island: Valun Beach Spend the day on one of Valun’s beautiful pebbly beaches, rent a kayak, take in the breathtaking color of the sky and water, and follow it up with a romantic dinner for two at a local restaurant. What could be better?

Hvar Island: Palmizana Beach and Sucuraj Beach Cosmopolitan and upscale Hvar has a harbor whence you can depart to neighboring islands. Nearby Palmizana in the Paklina archipelago is home to Jerolim and Stipanska nude beaches. Take a dip au natural! Sucuraj Beach features romantic coves and picturesque bays in protected landscape.

Korcula Island Beaches With nearly 200 unspoiled coves and beaches, you have found your romantic island. Swim, dive, or sail. The world is your oyster.

Krk Island: Baska Located in the northern Adriatic, Krk is Croatia’s largest island. It is also a big tourist destination. According to the website, “A pleasant walk from Baska center, through nudist camping Banculuka, will take you to many pebbly coves ideal for those who wants to escape crowds of Vela plaza. Maybe it is not necessary to mention, but we’ll do it anyway, all those beaches are clothing optional.” Oh, yes. It’s necessary.

Beach in Makarska, Croatia (Thealx/Wikimedia Commons)

Makarska Riviera: Zivogosce Beach Is the French Riviera feeling kind of been-there-done-that? Yeah, me neither. But still. Why not try the Makarska Riviera? This beautiful 60 km stretch will astound you with its natural beauty. Romantic resorts, clean water, and olive groves are calling your name.

Mljet Island Beaches Peaceful and rural Mljet is an island of forests and saltwater lakes. Now that’s different! The national park has a hotel on the southern coast that features sandy beaches.

Pag Island: Rucica Are you on a Croatian Island, or the surface of the moon? This oddly rocky spot has its perks. Picture this: an evening on the pebbly Rucica beach as the sun sets. The rocks turn pink in the light “as you sit on pristine white pebbles by the crystalline, lagoon-calm sea, all framed by the Velebit mountains on the mainland.” Poetry in nature.

Peljesac Beaches Less tourism on this peninsula means quaint villages, sheltered coves, and lovely nature.

So there you have it. Islands, coves, olive trees, and naked people. Romance is in the air in Croatia. Don’t miss out! You can read about these beaches and more at Beaches of Croatia.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Don’t forget to love us on Facebook!

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