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Five Perfect Beach Honeymoons

Posted by Jody on April 10, 2012

Today’s Featured Writer: Francine Lewis

Five Perfect Beach Honeymoons

Getting married soon? After all the stress of wedding planning, newlyweds deserve some relaxation and alone time. Check out the following five suggestions for the perfect beach honeymoon.

Mexican Sunrise (Photo:Gamweb/Wikimedia Commons)

Santorini, Greece

Exotic Santorini is ideal for honeymooners. Slip on some sandals and stroll along the black volcanic sand of Perissa Beach. Go for a swim or do some water skiing. For more seclusion, seek out the Red Beach with its unusual red sand and red cliffs. Take a romantic walk down the stone streets of the nearby picturesque villages that are built in the side of the cliffs. Be sure to visit the village of Osia for the most spectacular sunset on the island. Hike or drive up the steep Mesa Vuona to the top and be rewarded with breathtaking views. Explore the ruins of Akrotiri, well preserved from being buried under ash. Sample wine at the Canava Roussos Winery out on the patio surrounded by lovely bougainvillea.

Nice, France

Nice has a reputation for romance. For some rest and relaxation, lounge on one of the pebbled beaches of Nice or take a dip together in the clean azure waters. Walk hand in hand down the narrow streets of the quaint Old Town. Admire the beautiful architecture, watch artists painting scenes or browse the shops. Climb up Castle Hill for a picnic near the waterfall and get photos of the sweeping views of the Alps and Mediterranean in the distance.

Maui, Hawaii

Maui has long been a favorite spot for honeymooners with its tropical beauty and pristine beaches. Newlyweds can steal a kiss at the exotic Kaihalulu Beach surrounded by its vibrant red sand and contrasting turquoise waters. Hike through the lovely Haleakala National Park. Take a scenic drive on The Road to Hana and admire the lush green forest, stunning waterfalls and striking coastline. In the evening be sure to attend the Old Lahaina Luau, dine on authentic Hawaiian cuisine, be mesmerized by the hula dancers and watch the beautiful sunset.

Maui Sunset (Photo:Didier B/Wikimedia Commons)

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Picturesque beaches, bright blue water and a relaxed atmosphere make Puerto Vallarta an ideal spot for a honeymoon getaway. Enjoy activities together at the beach like swimming, scuba diving or even horse riding. Visit Los Arcos Marine Park for some snorkeling and glimpses of the beautiful ocean life with the likes of sea horses, octopus and sea turtles. Stroll the Malecon along the Banderas Bay. Admire the statues and sculptures along the boardwalk or browse one of the art galleries. Visit the notable landmark, the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Share some time alone in the peace and beauty of the Botanical Gardens of Vallarta.

Antigua, Caribbean

Antigua is a perfect destination for newlyweds with its crystal clear waters and several secluded beaches like The Hawksbill Beaches where couples can share alone time. For sightseeing, tour Betty’s Hope, a former sugar cane plantation. Visit Nelson’s Dockyard National Park to learn about Antigua’s maritime history. Buy fresh produce or flowers at St. John’s Saturday Morning Market. For adventure, explore the Devil’s Bridge, a natural arch made of limestone.

Antiguan Beach Panorama (Photo:Fraser Hart/Wikimedia Commons)

Start planning a relaxing and fun beach honeymoon today. There is no better place to unwind and celebrate. Begin a happily ever after walking hand in hand along one of these beautiful beaches.

Francine Lewis is a wedding planner and occasionally blogs for a site she frequently recommends to newly wed couples who are trying to plan their honeymoon. They have loads of useful information from honeymoon reviews from recently returned honeymooners who went to Puerto Rico as well as articles detailing areas of interest at various destinations such as this one: A Peurto Rican Paradise: El Yunque Rain Forest.

One Response to “Five Perfect Beach Honeymoons”

  1. Jody said

    Thanks Francine! We honeymooned in Ironwood (Upper Peninsula), Michigan. That was a ski trip many, many moons ago! I believe It’s time for a do-over in one of these gorgeous beach settings!

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