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The Five Best Beaches in Bali

Posted by Jody on May 22, 2012

Today’s Featured Writer: Teresa Shuler

Jimbaran Beach Sunset, Bali (Slivester Nuenenorl cor Bounifeuisc/Wikimedia Commons)

The Five Best Beaches in Bali

Bali is a beautiful and exotic island located in the Indian Ocean. Often referred to as the Island of the Gods, Bali is part of Indonesia and boasts some truly incredible scenery. Lush tropical forests, stunning coastlines and breathtaking mountain peaks combine to create the magnificent island. Thanks to the warm climate year round, Bali is a top destination for travelers who want to find the perfect beach. Here is your guide to the to five best beaches in all of Bali.

1. Jimbaran Bay

This beach is located in South Bali and is considered to be one of the most scenic beaches on the island as well as a top choice for swimmers. The beach is made from soft white sand and the whole bay is sheltered from any strong winds. Although there are a number of hotels located along the beach, Jimbaran Bay is long enough that is is rarely crowded and there is always an opportunity to find a quiet place along the water. It is also an ideal place to watch the sunset each evening around five.

Jimbaran Beach, Bali (PHGCOM/Wikimedia Commons)

2. Kuta Beach

If you don’t mind sharing the beach with a few other tourists, then Kuta is the perfect place for you. As one of the most popular tourism resorts on Bali, Kuta boasts a number of options for recreational activities to enjoy in the water. Perhaps the most popular pastime is surfing. Rent boards here or take lessons with retired professional surfers who make their living giving lessons to travelers. There are also a number of local bars and restaurants located on the beach. The nightlife is one particularly exciting aspect of Kuta Beach.

Kuta Beach, Bali (Ibenkjoker/Wikipedia Commons)

3. Geger Beach

Located just next to the St Regis Nusa Dua in Bali is Geger Beach. It is a popular spot for families and those who want a scenic spot without the hassle of traveling too far from their hotel. The long beach is covered in white sand and the water is quite shallow for some distance before gradually getting deeper. This makes is especially safe for young children or anyone who is not a confident swimmer. You can rent beach equipment like chairs and umbrellas for just a few dollars along the shore, or dine in the local and international cafes on the sand.

4. Amed

This beach in Bali is definitely off the beaten track. Rather than seeing lots of tourists, you will see local fishermen who set off each day on their outrigger fishing boats to catch fresh seafood. The sand is black as a result of volcanic activity. However, it is just as soft and fine as you might find on any other beach in Bali. The coral reefs and shipwrecks off the coast make Amed a popular place for snorkelers and scuba divers.

5. Dreamland Beach

Just as the name implies, Dreamland Beach is a beautiful destination that might seem as if from a dream. It is surrounded on three sides by cliffs that make it secluded as well as sheltered from wind. Dreamland Beach is especially popular with honeymooning couples who come to watch the beautiful sunset each evening.

Dreamland Beach, Bali (Krismartin/Wikimedia Commons)

Each of these beaches offers visitors the chance to see a different side of Bali. Some are popular and large, while others are small and off the beaten track. Each of the five is a beautiful destination to explore on vacation.

Teresa Shuler is a hotel reviewer and freelance travel blogger. She’s been to resorts around the globe but her personal favorites have been her holidays to Bali. In particular she recommends holidays to Seminyak, Bali for a trip you’ll never forget.

Comments? Suggestions? Tips?  Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below.  Thanks~ Jody

One Response to “The Five Best Beaches in Bali”

  1. Jody said

    Teresa, Wow! What wonderful choices! You’ve made all five beaches sound amazing. Thanks for sharing!

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