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The Common American Auger

Posted by Jody on May 24, 2012

The Common American Auger (Terebra dislocata), also called  the Atlantic Auger, is a very familiar find for beachcombers from the sandy beaches of the Southern Atlantic states to the West Indies.  But that doesn’t make this seashell any less of a desirable discovery in my book! Gorgeous in both shape and design, the Common America Auger comes in colors from off white and yellow tan to reddish brown and blueish gray (almost purple). This beach treasure has a  glossy exterior which reminds me of elegantly rippled icing, piped around the edge of a wedding cake. What do you think?

Common American Auger (Atlantic Auger)

Ranging from Virginia to the Caribbean, these little, intricately whorled shells are abundant year round on the beaches of Florida’s Gulf Coast. We found the seashells pictured here on the sandy shores of Sanibel Island, Florida. Fairly easy to identify, they are slender and shaped much like a spike and can grow up to 2 3/8 inches in length.

The Common American Auger lives in sand from near the low tide line to water 100′ deep.  A carnivore, this sea snail is believed to feed on marine worms.

Common American Auger (Atlantic Auger)

Happy beachcombing!

Now, did somebody say “cake?” I’ll get the plates, you get the forks!

3 Responses to “The Common American Auger”

  1. Lynn said

    Another beautiful pic with great info!

  2. E.G.D. said

    I agree! Jody’s such a wiz with these shell articles, and the photos are so striking! I really need to get my rear into gear and get more of these great recent photos into our store.

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