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Let’s start the summer at Coronado Beach!

Posted by E.G.D. on May 28, 2012

Today’s Featured Writer: Robert Hall

Attractive Features of Coronado Beach, California

Coronado Island, nicknamed “the crown city,” lies on a peninsula connected to the mainland of California. One of the most expensive and famous places to live, in 2011 Stephen Leatherman (Dr. Beach) ranked Coronado Beach as the second best beach in the United States.   If you plan to go, make sure you’ve prepared the appropriate paperwork (e.g. an ESTA US Visa ) if it’s required of citizens in your country, and you’ll be set for your journey to Coronado to enjoy its ethereal beaches, vivacious parties, or alluring resorts.

On the Beach at the Hotel del Coronado, Coronado, California

Welcome to Coronado!
This city is almost entirely built on the shoreline, and nearly any building you may find yourself in will probably have an ocean view!  In fact, the northern side of the town is a training center for the Navy SEALs. This town has incredibly expensive real estate, and tourism is an essential component of its economy. Not unnaturally, this beachside resort town offers high-rated restaurants with large variety of cuisines.

For all the beach lovers who like to live luxuriously, Coronado has three major resorts (Hotel del Coronado, Coronado Island Marriott, and Loews Coronado Bay Resort) and they are well reputed for beauty, elegance, beachfront location, and native architecture.

Coronado Beach, Coronado, California

Beach lovers, Addiction alert!
Nothing beats the feel of cool breeze across your face while you walk on the misty sands of a calm beach. Coronado beach not only sports cool breezes, but it is spacious and not too crowded.  You can enjoy the beautiful sunset and dusk, or the glorious sunrise, and you’ll never have to worry about fighting for space. Be assured that your drive on the Coronado Bridge will take your breath away.

View from the Beach, Coronado, California

The Beach is utterly angelic with sublime, picturesque scenery and a friendly ambiance; it is also truly romantic. It comes highly recommended as a place for marriages, photo-shoots, parties, etc. People who like to take a long walk or jog around the beach can enjoy the free space and smell the fresh air. Of course, if you’re not in the mood to exercise, you could also sit back and enjoy the view. Local people love tourists, so expect a warm welcome and rich food.

It is a multifaceted tourist spot, so don’t let all this talk about there not being too many crowds put you off if you love to be in the middle of a bustling party.  You can visit the clubs or ask your hotel concierge when you might expect to find a party on the beach. Water-sports freaks have a blast here, and the sports fiesta held every year in the month of July organizes competitive races, dives, rough-water swim, etc.  That’s the time to go if you want to show off your water-skills or simply enjoy the show.

About the Author:
Written by Robert Hall, a Tech writer with a travel obsession – catch me @travelplex

5 Responses to “Let’s start the summer at Coronado Beach!”

  1. Jody said

    Thank you, Robert! Coronado is one of our favorite places. The beach is absolutely beautiful and the city is buzzing with activity. I agree, it’s a very friendly town!

  2. Leslie Crawford said

    A great website for Coronado is

  3. Just here today my friend~

    • Jody said

      Oh Cindy, how wonderful. You really are tempting me to return to the San Diego area SOON! It’s such a favorite of ours for so many reasons. I’m keeping an eye on those airfares.

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