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Quintana Beach County Park on the Texas Gulf Coast – So Many Reasons to Visit

Posted by Jody on June 5, 2012

Quintana Beach County Park:

Our family gives this 51 acre beach and park complex a definite “two thumbs up!”

“Natural” Quintana Beach County Park

Quintana Beach County Park is located on the upper Texas Gulf Coast on the tiny man-made island of  Quintana, the “Gateway to the Gulf.” We think it offers one of the nicest beach experiences on the Texas coast. Here you’ll find a “natural” beach that is maintained by the tides and weather.  Expect to see seaweed and driftwood strewn across the sandy beach. This simply means that Brazoria County leaves it to Mother Nature to care for her Gulf Coast shoreline. You won’t find the county regularly raking or “cleaning” the sand, and this just makes beachcombing that much more interesting.

There are so many reasons to visit Quintana Beach County Park! Here are just a few:

Sea Bean Collection from Quintana Beach County Park, Texas

1) While beachcombing on the 1/2+ mile of sands within the county park’s boundaries, we found a wonderful assortment of seabeans (also known as drift seeds), driftwood and delicate angel wings.

The Quintana jetty, locally known as the west jetty,  is the eastern border of the county park. It offers plenty of fun on its own!

2) The fine folks at the county park told us that the jetty measures about 1/2 mile long.  It’s a lovely walk. While strolling along the Quintana jetty, you can try to find the shape of the Lone Star State embedded in the concrete. I think it was our 5 year old grandson who spotted it first!

The Lone Star State

3) One of my favorite activities at the beach park was just sitting on the rocks of the jetty, watching the tugs go out and the ships come in through the Freeport Ship Channel.

Watching the Banana Boat

4) Our family doesn’t fish, but it was easy to see that surf fishing, pier fishing, kayak fishing, and fishing from the extra long jetty are all the rage at Quintana Beach County Park.

View from the Quintana Jetty

5) Birding, too. Most notably, we watched pelicans in flight and the regal great blue heron.

6) Swimming – NOT from the jetty! (of course), although there are no lifeguards at the beach.

7 & 8) Surfing and kayaking are very popular sports here.

Kayaks on the Gulf of Mexico

9) Clean, well maintained camp sites and rental cabins are available just off the beach. Special event pavilions can be reserved for day use, too.

10) There are lots of amenities and a few historic sites just beyond the dunes. Be sure to use the dune preserving crossovers! Nice washrooms and showers are available, along with picnic tables and vending machines.

Dune Crossover

Pick a reason, any reason, to visit Quintana Beach County Park and your family will have a great day at the beach, too!



15 Responses to “Quintana Beach County Park on the Texas Gulf Coast – So Many Reasons to Visit”

  1. I hope I can go next time! 😀

  2. What a wonderful visit! We are so happy you and your family enjoyed your stay in our park. The Quintana County Park turns 30 this month, and on June 9th, we are having a celebration with lots of activities for the family. If you are able, come join us!

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  5. Greg said

    Clean air, bright sun and lots to do! I had a great time!

  6. Jody, thank you for your lovely review of the park I am fortunate to manage! I am one of the few people that actually loves to go to work. We work hard to make the park nice for our guests, but not all appreciate the “natural” beach! We actually did rake this week because the amount of seaweed had really gotten to the point of overwhelming, and mother nature was not doing her part! It does make for interesting beach combing.

    Patty Brinkmeyer
    Park Supervisor
    Quintana Beach County Park

  7. It looks lovely! I like that the county leaves it alone enough to be natural. Great review!

  8. Maybe we can try to make it to the June 9 celebration! Sounds fun!

  9. Just Jess said

    I see this is an old post, but I just have to say: I lived on the island for a little over a year! I was so sad to leave! I loved our natural beach and the life on the island!
    It was a long while ago- Jeff’s on the Jetty hadn’t burned yet…. He served “Angel Kisses” these shrimp appetizers that had a wonderful sauce on them!
    Thank you for the memory boost!

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