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A Seashell in My Pocket

Posted by Jody on June 7, 2012

We’re always looking for ways to use our special beachcombing finds. Here is just one more idea for putting those beach treasures to good use ~ everyday!

Pocket Seashells

Pocket Seashells

You may have heard of worry stones (or pocket stones) – those little, highly polished pieces of gemstone with a slight indention for your thumb.  I’ve often seen them for sale near the cash registers of gift shops and kitschy boutiques. They can be kind of pricey.

Rumored to have originated in Ancient Greece, when held between the thumb and forefinger, worry stones are supposed to relieve stress and reduce worries. Light enough to keep in your pocket, you can readily fidget with one in stressful or nerve-racking situations.

The perfect size and shape!

The perfect size and shape!

There is another version of the pocket stone that doesn’t have the smooth indentation for the thumb.  They are called  reflection stones and are used as a reminder to stay calm, balanced, grateful, etc.  These smoothly polished gemstones are often engraved with inspirational words like “Believe”, “Imagine”, or “Gratitude.”

Well, here’s another, more personal, version of these little pocket treasures.  Pocket shells!

They don’t come from gift shops or kitschy boutiques! Instead, pocket shells can be found on the beach, and they’re absolutely free! These little beach treasures are easy enough to collect. They are frequently naturally shaped  for the perfect thumb and forefinger fiddling hold. Wave tumbled and sanded smooth by Mother Nature herself, in my opinion these colorful bits and pieces of shells are the ultimate pocket prize!

Worry?  Me?  No way!  When I reach for my pocket shell, it brings me right to my “happy place.” Rather than using it as a rub-and-fidget tool, I keep a pocket shell to transport me back to good times at the seashore.  The memories remind me to be grateful for family times and treasured beach moments. That’s a stress reliever if I ever heard of one!  And, if you’re a rub-and-fidget sort of beach lover, tumbled shells are well equipped for that purpose, too.

Happy beach memories to you!

Ahhhhhhhh! Gone to the seashore!


 Maggie’s little pocket treasures: Like Broken Porcelain

7 Responses to “A Seashell in My Pocket”

  1. That’s my thumb! 😉

  2. What a brilliant idea! 😮

  3. Jody said

    Reblogged this on Beach Treasures and Treasure Beaches and commented:

    I just saw these seashell bits on Maggie’s blog and thought I’d share this post once again.
    Maggie’s bits and pieces:

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