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The Best of Dubai’s Manmade Beaches

Posted by Jody on July 10, 2012

Today’s Featured Writer: David Marsha

Whenever I need to refresh myself and want to chill out, especially during summer season, my ultimate choice is to go on a beach trip. Beaches always fascinate me. I just love the cool breezes and the tenderness of sandy beaches. Many of you plan to go abroad to spend your summer holidays with your family and friends, and it is human nature to want to make vacation time memorable and full of fun. United Arab Emirates is a country located along the Persian Gulf, which is renowned for its pristine beaches. If you are in love with nature and the sea, then this country is ready and waiting for you.

United Arab Emirates (Map: Abhijitsathe/Wikipedia)

Visiting any of the six emirates of this country will be a fun filled trip. But Dubai is exceptionally famous among them for providing endless fun and entertainment activities suited to people of all ages. As Dubai is geographically located along the south east coast of the Persian Gulf, it has naturally beautiful beaches that have become more entertaining due to the combined efforts of state government and developers. Dubai also has several manmade beaches that offer unlimited fun activities to visitors, and some manmade beaches in Dubai have become famous around the world. Tourists and travelers visiting Dubai often include such beaches in their must-visit list. I highly recommend them myself, and below is my list of the top three fascinating manmade beaches in Dubai.

Jumeriah Beach

Jumeirah Beach is just a 25 minute drive from the city center. It is the largest beach of Dubai, and it features a beautiful view of blue sea and a wide stretch of silver sand. Attractions include Jumeriah Beach Park, waterfront cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy tea and light snacks, and sand you can walk on for hours. The natural beauty of this place mesmerizes nature lovers. This long beach also has facilities like hotels and private clubs, as well as public restrooms, showers and changing rooms open to the public. Well trained life guards are on duty until sunset. Its warm turquoise water and finest white soft sand are the best assets of the Jumeriah Beach.

Jumeirah Beach Park, Dubai (Photo: Shahroozporia/Wikipedia Commons)

Al Mamzar Beach

Al Mamzar is another must-see manmade beach in Dubai that offers a lot of fun activities for you and your family. It is located on Diera side of Dubai Creek, and it is a bit less crowded than Jumeriah Beach, as long as you do not go on a Friday. Fun activities you can enjoy at Al Mamzar include 4 luxury beach areas, an amphitheater, green picnic areas, a playground for children and two swimming pools. Such amusement opportunities make this manmade beach a perfect destination for families. The beach areas feature showers, toilets and changing rooms. You can even rent an air-conditioned chalet with barbecue facilities. Trained life guards are always present, both poolside and beachside, to protect you and your kids. When you are not swimming or feasting, cycling is also a popular way to spend your day at this beach.

Al Mamzar Beach, Dubai, UAE (Photo: Shahroozporia/Wikimedia Commons)

Jebel Ali Beach

Jabel Ali Beach is renowned for possessing the world’s largest manmade harbor. This beach is forty kilometers away from the main land of Dubai. It is different from other manmade beaches in Dubai because it makes for an informative trip that helps a person understand the industries of this emirate. Of course, Jabel Ali is also world famous for its Palm Islands project, luxury resorts, extravagant apartments and lush green golf courses, as well as its beautiful beaches. Local residents often drive on the beach to find a perfect place to sit on the public beaches, but Jabel Ali is also home to private resorts that maintain stretches of private beach. Whatever stretch of white sand you choose, you will be able to enjoy a view of the clean blue waters.

This list doesn’t represent all the wonderful beaches in Dubai. Other great beaches include Kite Beach, Russian Beach and Umm Suqeim. If you are going to visit Dubai during the summer, I suggest you to visit beaches during evening, as temperatures are very high during the daytime. If you come during the winter months, you can enjoy the beaches all day long!

About the Author:  David Marsha is a Dubai based blogger and guest author who writes about different topics related to Dubai property and Dubai tourism. Check out his latest Research on Al Barsha Dubai.

3 Responses to “The Best of Dubai’s Manmade Beaches”

  1. Jody said

    Thanks, David. What a fun post! I didn’t know anything about the man-made beaches in Dubai. They all sound lovely. I’m feeling quite a bit smarter today! 🙂

  2. CJ Lucke said

    Do you know where the sand came from for the beaches? Locally? The sea shells are amazing.

    • Jody said

      CJ, I have read that the sands come from the dredging of Dubai’s shallow coastal waters. Have you visited? I’d love to hear (and see) more about the seashells!

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