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Jamaica’s Top 5 Beaches

Posted by alainaflute on July 17, 2012

When I think of Jamaica, a few things come to mind: Rastafarianism, Reggae music, bobsledding, and beaches – beaches being the best part of them all. Although I’ve never been to this island of the Greater Antilles, the idea of dipping into the beautiful waters of the Caribbean tickles my travel-lust fancy.

Jamaica (Vardion/Wikimedia Commons)

With several beaches to choose from, we’ve turned to Island Buzz Jamaica (the Official Blog for Destination Jamaica by the Jamaica Tourist Board) to discover 5 of Jamaica’s best beaches.

Doctor’s Cave Beach Club, Montego Bay, Jamaica (Mattes/Wikimedia Commons)

Vacationers are enticed by the white sands and clear waters of Doctor’s Cave Beach in Montego Bay (on Jamaica’s north coast). According to Island Buzz Jamaica, this beach, “is nestled between the Marine Park and the Hip Strip. The translucent water is known for its mineral content and its golden sands and turquoise water provide the perfect place to enjoy the tranquil warmth of the Caribbean Sea.” With a feel that is simultaneously tropical and metropolitan, beach-goers can enjoy this lively beach not too far off the beaten path. Take a dip and then head off to dine at one of the many nearby restaurants.

Doctor’s Cave Beach, Montego Bay, Jamaica (Ezhiki/Wikimedia Commons)

The next beach to hit is Frenchman’s Cove, located on Jamaica’s eastern coast near Port Antonio. This secluded beach is “one of the most beautiful beaches in The Caribbean, let alone Jamaica.“With its “white-sanded shore, set against a magnificent backdrop of exotic tropical gardens and crystal-clear mountain streams,“this beach is “so idyllic; it’s no wonder it was featured in the major motion pictures Club Paradise and Treasure Island.” There is a small entrance fee, but once you pass through the lush gardens into the beautiful secluded beach cove, you’ll find that it was well worth it. A fresh water river flows right into the beach, and there is a jerk hut with food made to order (and clean restrooms).

Frenchman’s Cove Beach, Port Antonio, Portland, Jamaica (Chaoleonard/Wikimedia Commons)

If you are looking for a “tiny slice of heaven,” then Reggae Beach is the beach for you. This famous Jamaican landmark (surprisingly) doesn’t get crowded, even though it really has it all: beautiful scenery, lounge chairs, kayaking, snorkeling (clownfish, rays, and fan coral), seaside massage, and the “Village Beach Bar.”

Reggae Beach, Jamaica (Chad Richardson/Wikimedia Commons)

Winnifred Beach, located between Blue Lagoon and Boston Bay, is “one of the most appealing beaches in all of Jamaica.“Located “in the Fairy Hill community in Portland on the island’s lesser traveled east coast, this beach is home to a delightful reef just offshore that’s not only perfect for snorkeling, but for its clear, calm, bright-blue water justly popular with locals.” With several vendors nearby, you won’t go thirsty or hungry! If you go on a weekend, you can take a horseback riding tour or a boat trip to Monkey Island.

Seven Mile Beach, Negril, Jamaica (Chaoleonard/Wikimedia Commons)

With its laid-back pace and natural beauty, Negril is a “favorite escape for locals and visitors alike.” Come as you are and “outrun your cares on seven miles of white sand beach on the island’s western-most point. Stake out a blanket-sized spot of paradise or meander along soft white sand.” Relaxing by day and exciting by night, Seven Mile Beach is famous for its “dramatic sunsets, silky white sands, clear turquoise waters, and spontaneous island spirit.” Soak in the sun, hit the waves (snorkeling, jet skiing, and windsurfing are all available), or take a ride on a glass-bottomed boat.

If you’re looking for fun in the tropical sand, sun, and surf, Jamaica just might be the Caribbean island of your dreams. The laid-back island atmosphere is sure to be contagious. On which Jamaican beach will we be finding you?

3 Responses to “Jamaica’s Top 5 Beaches”

  1. Jody said

    Reggae Beach sounds like my spot! See you there.

  2. Jack said

    My great grandfather was Dr Alexander McCatty for which Doctors Cave Beach was named. I’ve traveled there several times over the years. John Alexander Mccatty.

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