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Shed Your Cares in Cairns, Australia!

Posted by alainaflute on July 31, 2012

Kangaroos, the Outback, the Great Barrier Reef, and beaches galore – Australia is an adventurer’s dream! A country that’s also a continent must have plenty of shoreline to discover. Today’s tally comes from up north (and down under) in Cairns, Queensland, Australia, thanks to Down Under Online. The beaches of Cairns are perfect for aquatic fun and relaxation. The only question is, when are we going?

Regions of Queensland, Australia (Roke/Wikimedia Commons)

Yorkeys Knob, located approximately 8 miles north of Cairns, is a popular Far North Queensland beach holiday destination. Here you’ll find safe swimming beaches and a world class marina just a stone’s throw from a golf course, accommodations, shops, and restaurants. As we all know, “safe” is a relative term when it comes to swimming in the ocean. It’s important to watch for flag warnings and follow all lifeguard instructions. The beach has picnic facilities and bathrooms (with showers), and it’s a popular spot for wind and kitesurfing.

Yorkeys Knob Beach, Cairns, Queensland, Australia (riftreef/Wikipedia)

Beautiful Trinity Beach is another suburb of Cairns, about 20 miles from the city center. Enjoy a beautiful day at the beach in this relaxing tropical setting, but watch out for marine stingers and crocodiles! Oh, my. Well, those pesky critters won’t keep the most avid beach lovers from their sandy haven, will they?

Trinity Beach, Cairns, Queensland, Australia (Rehali2001/Wikimedia Commons)                                             Note the sign below… and put your dog back on his leash!

Yikes! Warning Sign at Trinity Beach, Cairns, Queensland, Australia (Photnart/Wikipedia)

Located on the shores of the Coral Sea, Clifton Beach is, according to Down Under Online, “described as having one of the finest beaches in Cairns. It is truly an idyllic setting where you can launch yourself into adventurous and exciting experiences or settle under the coconut palms to relax and unwind – either way, you’re in for a great holiday.

Clifton Beach, Cairns, North Queensland, Australia (Cape-york-australia/Wikimedia Commons)

Holloway’s Beach is located central to Cairns attractions. This beautiful beach is “growing in popularity as a beach to escape to, away from the crowds.  Even though a narrow beach, it’s a great place to soak up the sun, take a swim to cool off or watch the spectacular sunrises.”

Holloways Beach, Cairns, North Queensland, Australia (Cape-york-australia/Wikimedia Commons)

Last but not least, Kewarra Beach features its own beachfront resort. Described as being “away from the crowd, yet close to all local attractions,” you’re sure to find your own way to enjoy this tropical paradise between the rainforest of North Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef.

View of Cairns from Lake Morris with the Yarrabah Peninsula in the background. (Frances76/Wikimedia Commons)

Hoo roo, mate! We’ll see you at the beach!

2 Responses to “Shed Your Cares in Cairns, Australia!”

  1. Re Stingers and crocs – comforting to know there are no sharks… RH

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