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Weekend’s Rock!

Posted by Jody on October 21, 2012

Beach rock with burrowing clam shell still inside.

Have you ever found a rock on the seashore with holes bored into (or even through) it?  The first time  I ever found one of these fascinating beach treasures, I had no idea what could have caused the small round cavities. After some research, I found that the little, artfully carved, natural sculptures are usually created by boring clams, members of the Piddock family (Pholadidae). I personally don’t find them to be the slightest bit humdrum!

These burrowing bivalves are generally white in color and have brittle, often elongated, shells. Depending on the species, they are capable of penetrating wood, coral, or moderately hard stone!

Holey moley! These interesting rocks are a fun addition to any beachcomber’s collection!

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10 Responses to “Weekend’s Rock!”

  1. Oh never seen such rock! amazing

  2. seapunk2 said

    Not boring at all! The rock is bored, though. The clams are boring. Am I boring you? I hope not, it might hurt. 😀

  3. Ruth said

    Love that!

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