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Marina Del Rey – California´s Waterfront Playground

Posted by E.G.D. on November 26, 2012

Today’s Featured Writer is Grace Bailey 

Marina Del Rey (Photo from Shutterstock)

The town of Marina Del Rey is an oceanfront town located in the state of California. The town faces the ocean and at the mainland it is surrounded by the city of Los Angeles. This town is a famous tourist destination and one of the reasons for this is the local marina. The town holds the largest man-made harbor in the state where there are 19 distinct marinas. This makes the town a diverse oceanfront playground with countless offerings for the vacationers. The holidaymakers will have plenty of water-based activities to enjoy at this destination. Marina Del Rey also offers access to several beautiful beaches. The town is also famous for its numerous hiking paths, the scenic biking alleys and enjoyable boardwalks. There are plenty of shopping venues which you will be able to visit as well. Many entertainment options are offered at this destination and there are many interesting events, including a series of summer concerts. Near the marina, there is an abundance of high-rise condos, beach houses and vacation villas. Therefore you will easily find a suitable place to spend your vacation, with so many vacation rentals available this place is excellent for an extended vacation.

Areal view of Marina Del Rey (Photo by Albaum from Wikimedia Commons)

You should definitely not miss the beaches at this destination. You can start by visiting the marina beach. This beach is equipped with all sorts of facilities; there are even sheltered picnic tables available. Another beach nearby is Venice beach, this is perhaps the most lively and vibrant beach in the area and it is worth a visit. Yet another beautiful and sandy beach which you can visit is the Playa del Rey Beach. Located just a couple of miles from the marina, this is a stunningly beautiful stretch of coast ideal for sunbathing.

One of the most interesting spots at Marina Del Rey is the Fisherman´s Village. This spot is designed as a New England seaport and it is a very pleasant and relaxed place. There you can enjoy shopping, since there are numerous diverse shops around this waterfront and open air mall. A lot of fine restaurants are also located at this diverse and interesting place. The promenade at the village offers some of the most spectacular panoramic views over the bay; you should definitely take a stroll along this scenic lane. You can also visit the local lighthouse and the numerous New England style homes.

The site at Marina Del Rey which attracts most visitors is definitely the Burton W. Chace Park. This park attracts a crowd with its serene natural setting, you can enjoy hiking and walking along scenic trails, you can also enjoy cycling, roller skating and many other diverse activities there. The picnic areas at the park are also very pleasant and they offer barbecues as well as other facilities. This park is also famous for hosting the majority of the local events. The summer concert series are among the most popular events at this destination and they are held in the park. From the park you can also observe the annual boat parade which is a very impressive display.

The activities which are offered at Marina Del Rey are very impressive as well. For the nature lovers, a trip to Ballona Wetlands will provide them with the chance to observe many exotic trees and plants as well as the diverse local wildlife. For the boating lovers, there are numerous marinas available and there is also an aquatic center which offers rowing and sailing lessons. Regular fishing charters are also offered at this destination. And there are many water sports you can try, such as surfing and parasailing for example.

About the author: Grace is a passionate  writer, dreamer and adventurer. She enjoys writing of various interesting and exotic places and people. You can read more at


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