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Travel Theme: Glass

Posted by Jody on January 14, 2013

A visit to Glass Beach is on many a beachcomber’s bucket list. The “sand” here is mixed with rainbow colored eye-candy! Being that this stretch of Northern California’s rocky coastline was (once upon a time) a municipal trash dump, the shoreline is now a colorful mosaic of wave polished ceramic bits and sea tumbled glass.

Old Glass Beach Finds

“Old” Glass Beach Treasures

Many years ago, when Greg and I first visited Glass Beach, the evidence of the citizens of Fort Bragg, California, and the surrounding area dumping household garbage straight into the ocean was stunning. Old cars (and their parts), ceramics, housewares, appliances and glass poked out of the bluffs and littered the beach. By the early sixties, attempts were made to control what was dumped, and the dumping of toxic materials was prohibited. Finally in 1967 plans were begun for a new dump away from the ocean.

Glass Beach Sand

“New” Glass Beach Sand

Today, the old dump has been cleaned up and what you’ll now find is beautiful, sparkling, sea glass-speckled shoreline “sand.”

Would you like to know more about Glass Beach in Fort Bragg (Mendocino County), California? Here are a couple helpful links: Glass Beach: Where Trash Turns to Treasure, “Top Ten” Mile Coast Trail

Travel Theme: Glass


Also: Fort Bragg, California

Getting There: From Highway 1, turn west on Elm Street (Denny’s is on the corner) and drive a few blocks to Glass Beach Drive. Park at the intersection and walk down to the beach.

35 Responses to “Travel Theme: Glass”

  1. My kids would have a field day there – we’d have to pay excess baggage charges for the flight back home!

    • Jody said

      Yep! Kids of all ages would have a hard time deciding what stays and what goes! Fort Bragg has a few “Glass Beaches.” On some, you can collect. On others, it’s a no-no.

  2. I have read about this beach – it may even have been your blog I wonder – quiet unbelievable though

  3. It’s now on my list to stop at and find treasures!

  4. nutsfortreasure said

    OH how I wish this was what my beach looked like 🙂 minus the GARBAGE 🙂 I love making Sea Glass Jewelry and trinkets 🙂

  5. Fascinating and beautiful!

  6. Lovely… any orange bits of glass?

    • Jody said

      Not too many. Plenty of red from old tail lights and lots of white milk glass (tea cups, etc.), light green jade glass and blues from old glass bottles. The most fun was when you’d find some lettering on the sea glass and know that it came from an old Clorox bottle or such.

  7. Oh to live closer to that beach! The children and I love to collect sea glass and make little things to dangle off light fittings in the cottage. I can’t really call them ornaments or jewellery – just sea glass, wire and a little creativity!

  8. So very pretty, and some really fascinating pieces. 🙂

    • Jody said

      Thank you. The little bits and pieces of pottery and ceramic are always such fun to find. I do wonder what they were and whose kitchen they may have come from. 🙂

  9. Marianne said

    Jody, this is STUNNING! It’s like stumbling upon a treasure of jewels, I would be collecting bags and bags too heavy to carry. That’s makes me sound awfully gluttonous, doesn’t it? But truly these are such beauties. And I think of all the lovely things that can be made with them.

    Thank you for sharing this post. May you have a glorious 2013 – prosperous in every area of your life, and filled with joy abundant.

    Marianne xo

    • Jody said

      Marianne, thanks so much! Other fun things about Fort Bragg are the antique stores! What you’ll find there are old cups & saucers, dishes and platters of the same design found on the beaches in bits.
      So, of course, we brought home a few of those, too! Makes for very heavy luggage! 🙂 Best wishes to you!

  10. kiwiskan said

    Sea-polished glass is so beautiful

  11. ideflex said

    Further up the coast on Vancouver Island there is very little sea glass to be found anymore, even the agates are hiding… this beach will be on my to-visit list!

  12. lynnwyvill said

    I’ve never heard of this beach, and it’s a good thing I don’t live close to it! I’d be there all the time.

  13. raastha said

    Hey Jody,
    After reading this article, it is yet another proof of the magic mother nature. God creation never go waste and every such waste is later proved useful and beautiful. This reminds me of cow dung. In India, from ancient days cowdung is dried on the walls of villages and used in household for cooking. The resulting ash is used for various purposes and considered sacred too. This sacred ash “viboothi” is used to heal migrane.
    Across South India viboothi is distributed in small quantity for devotees to apply on their forehead similar to a bhindi.

  14. I’ve always been a fan of sea glass jewelries. My sea glass collection were made into jewelries and I always get good compliments when I wear it.

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