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What the heck?

Posted by Jody on January 18, 2013

I just received a note from Tonya who was lucky enough to be on the beaches of the Outer Banks of North Carolina last weekend. She found this very interesting looking beach treasure at Hatteras and tells me: “It was on the beach along with some other odd looking shells I never have seen.”

Tonya's Beach Treasure from Hatteras, North Carolina

Tonya’s Beach Treasure from Hatteras, North Carolina

Let’s have some fun!

Can anyone identify this peculiar looking beach find for Tonya? Thank you for playing along!


Be sure to check out some of the other responses in the comment section below!

24 Responses to “What the heck?”

  1. nutsfortreasure said

    Not sure what it is called but since we spend so much time on the coasts of USA we find amazing things. We often find clumps of melted junk others dump at sea Lead, Copper, Slag and it gets mixed up with shells, brink you name it we soak ours just in case there is lost pirate silver coins inside πŸ™‚ Mel Fisher didn’t find it all πŸ™‚

    • Jody said

      I like your style! It does look like some sort of conglomeration butI didn’t consider the possibility of lost pirate treasure!!

      • nutsfortreasure said

        πŸ™‚ we NEVER throw it out till we know what is INSIDE πŸ™‚ we have so many buckets of treasure that soak in fresh water till it gets soft enough πŸ™‚

  2. kentiki said

    I think it’s a concretion. I have something similar. Not sure how it’s made though.

  3. Ryan McLin said

    This is a large hunk of limestone that must have torn from the seabed in a high energy storm event. Perhaps the recent hurricane that whipped by and slammed into New Jersey. I would classify it as a wackestone-limestone using the Dunham,1962 classification scheme. It characterizes fossil grains >10% hosted by a lime-mudstone matrix. I hope this helps!

    Ryan-Petroleum Geologist/Petrologist.

    • Jody said

      Ryan, you’re the best! Thanks so much for your help!

      • Wow Ryan that is very deep, but what does it mean to me?? LOL. Is it worth anything?? If not I am going to do what is suggested by the previous reply and let it soak and see if there is pirate booty in there!! Can’t wait to hear the answer.

      • Ryan McLin said

        Perhaps a garden conversation piece? All rocks have a story to tell. You can certainly imagine the kind of wave energy to rip something up and carry it on. Normal wave base goes only so deep, but storm wave base goes deeper. It really depends upon the height of the wave above surface. Now you can imagine the distance below the surface is almost as equal. 15-20 foot waves can really scour something out deeper off shore past the reefal slope. Enjoy the beach finds!

    • Fancy! πŸ˜‰

  4. Celia said

    Thank god for scientists like Ryan. I really like the idea of this post. We find all sorts of stones on the Michigan shore of Lake Michigan and I keep them hoping to find out more about them someday. . .

  5. seapunk2 said

    Sandstone with fossil and/or shell inclusions.
    How heavy is it? What does the specimen feel like?
    I think I can see a shell imprint.
    Tell us more! Turn it over!

  6. kiwiskan said

    Fossiliferous rock

  7. A chunk of prehistoric rock of who knows what type and age (Jurassic?), with shell fossils? Besides the obvious large one there are 3 or 4 clear candidates and more than a dozen in all, including fragments. Just a guess… RH

    • Jody said

      Wow, you sound like you really know your stuff! Both my oldest daughter and her husband are geologists. You’d think some of that would have rubbed off on me! Thanks so much for the input!

  8. Fossillady said

    Looks to be limestone with embedded shell imprint of a brachiopod! We find stuff similar along Lake Michigan Beaches left over from extinct shallow ocean.

  9. Sue said

    Is it Fulgorite?

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