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Feeling Better for the Sand Between Your Toes

Posted by E.G.D. on February 13, 2013

I don’t know about you, but I happen to greatly enjoy walking around barefoot in beach sand.  This has very occasionally led to negative occurrences (one memorable occasion on Venice Beach in Florida, I stepped on an old piece of rusty barbed wire and had to get a Tetanus shot), but more often than not the experience has brightened my day and done me more good than a conventional foot massage.  Apparently the science community got the memo, because recently my mom (Jody) found an article on Wellsphere that discusses the health benefits of walking around barefoot.

Pacific Beach, San Diego, California (photo by Jody Diehl)

Pacific Beach, San Diego, California

According to the article, a “stimulating barefoot walk has a multitude of benefits from relieving stress, increasing balance, helping your brain to help you get a good night’s sleep, healing disease, eliminating headaches, eliminating joint pain and more. Research is only just beginning, but the consensus seems pretty clear. Taking off your shoes not only feels good. It is good for you… we get negative charged energy from the earth that combats inflammation and positively charged free radicals in the body.  Now, this information applies to walking barefoot anywhere, but there are already myriad health benefits for people who walk or run on beaches, even if they’re wearing shoes.  According to an article in the Middletown Patch, “walking and running are two of the best cardio exercises… Even better, though, is performing them on the beach in the sand. It is absolutely a superior work out than on the road or a trail as the shifting sand makes traction a challenge.  This causes muscle groups to work harder as you jog. Just walking on the beach in the sand benefits health.”  Of course, even that article notes thatbarefoot is the best way to go for optimum results.”  An article from Hello Magazine says many of the same things as the two previous articles, but adds in that sand and ocean water provide natural exfoliant for our feet and “will result in softer feet in no time, just like a home peel treatment!”  Really, I can see no downside to any of these things.



When it comes right down to it, I don’t need experts to give me a special reason to walk around barefoot on a beach, but I suppose that now I can feel like I’m somehow smarter for doing what I would have done anyway.  Three cheers for beach related ways to stay healthy- E.G.D.


6 Responses to “Feeling Better for the Sand Between Your Toes”

  1. Jody said

    Elisa, you’re the best! Let’s go get some sandy feet!

  2. tosid01 said

    I love the beach! And walking barefoot in the sand is amazing! Laying in it is very comfy as well!

  3. Love the beach. It’s great to feel the sand between my toes. 🙂

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