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Beaches in Brazil: Praia do Amor and Praia Bela

Posted by E.G.D. on July 31, 2013

Today’s Featured Writer is Thaynara Alves Goulart.

Praia do Amor – Love Beach

I had the amazing experience of traveling through the Brazilian northeast region with my family, and one of the places we visited was the city of João Pessoa, the capital of the state Paraíba. The beach I chose to talk about here isn’t exactly in João Pessoa, but in Jacumã – 15 km/9 miles away from João Pessoa, and because it is so close, I’d say it’s better to stay there than Jacumã.

The city of Jacumã is really small, 16.008 residents, and doesn’t offer that much for tourists (or residents in general) aside from it’s gorgeous beaches. I figured this beach deserved recognition because as well as being beautiful, it has a fun myth with one of it’s peculiar attractions: the Pedra Furada (Perforated Stone). And what is it? It’s a volcanic stone that, in ancient times when Brazilian indians lived nearby and made their wedding ceremonies, they went inside the rock. According to them, couples passing through the stone brings joy and add a lot of years to the relationship.

Ready for a Wedding (photo by the author)

Ready for a Wedding (photo by the author)

Praia do Amor (photo by the author)

Praia do Amor (photo by the author)


photo by the author

When you get there, there’s a free parking lot, and you walk a while until you reach the ocean. There are some bars and restaurants too, and they serve delicious food and snacks. The ocean is easy and warm; the perfect place for those of you who have babies and children.

Beautiful Beach (photo by the author)

Beautiful Beach (photo by the author)

Praia Bela – Beautiful Beach

I have to mention this beach, and the reason why I am going to is because it is on the same coast as Love Beach – what separates them is nothing but stones, volcanic rocks and some seaweed. This one is more low-key when compared to Love Beach, but it has bars and restaurants of it’s own.

Praia Bela (photo by the author)

Praia Bela (photo by the author)

It is dangerous to visit these places at night, the tide is high and it takes over this entire sand area.

Brazil’s northeast region is beautiful, truly enchanting. The variety of beaches is huge and what is around them, 90% of the time, is extremely pleasant. Receptive, kind people + great food + fun is what I found visiting João Pessoa, especially these two places mentioned in this post. Whoever is interest and wants to see more of it, I found a video on youtube that shows how amazing it looks:  Enjoy!

About the Author: I’m a 19 years old Brazilian law student, and due to my dad’s profession I lived in 8 different cities so far. I travel around Brazil and I know 90% of it’s states now. Traveling is a passion of mine, and learning about different cultures and languages came along with it, I think. People say I’m very spontaneous and fun, because I try to make new friends wherever I go.  My blog is at

Thanks, Thaynara, for sharing these amazing beaches with us!  What fun! I’ll make it a point to give these a visit if I ever find myself in Brazil – E.G.D.

3 Responses to “Beaches in Brazil: Praia do Amor and Praia Bela”

  1. Jody said

    What a wonderful post! I loved the very interesting info and photo of Pedra Furada. Thanks so much for the wonderful Brazilian beach break!

  2. Thank you, Jody and E.G.D for posting my article!
    I am visiting the northeast area (again) and just saw my e-mail with the news!
    I’m really glad you guys enjoyed it.

    • Jody said

      Please feel free to contribute as much as you would like. It’s so much fun for us to have posts on beaches from around the world with such a personal perspective! & Your photos are wonderful. Many thanks! ~Jody

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