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“Pick Your Own” Prehistoric Shark Teeth!

Posted by Jody on January 15, 2014

Our family really loves the Venice, Florida area. In fact, I would describe Venice, also known as “The Shark’s Tooth Capital of the World,” as one of our absolute favorite playgrounds.

There’s just so much for beach lovers and outdoor enthusiasts to do in Venice. It’s a designated “Bicycle Friendly Community” where you can ride bikes along the Intracoastal Waterway and over to the more secluded Casperson Beach. You might also want to pedal to the South Jetty where splashing dolphins frolic against the brilliant Florida Gulf Coast sunset. You can relax and enjoy lunch, with superb service, at Sharky’s on the Pier (Greg and I still try to duplicate their Boathouse Salad at home!). You can swim, kayak, beachcomb, bird watch, and walk the beaches to your heart’s content. The best thing of all though, is that beachcombers can “pick your own” prehistoric shark teeth that pepper the sandy shoreline.

Prehistoric Shark Teeth

Prehistoric Shark Teeth

Located in Sarasota County, the City of Venice is perfectly situated on the Gulf of Mexico, an easy-breezy one hour drive south of Tampa.

Venice Resident, A Great Blue Heron

Venice Resident, A Great Blue Heron

Venice doesn’t brag of sugar-white sand beaches. You won’t find dozens of name brand, highrise hotels lining the coast. And you definitely will not see a lot of flashy souvenir and t-shirt shops at the seashore. But what you most likely will find are some of the friendliest folks you’ll come across anywhere and great souvenir prehistoric shark teeth to take home with you.

Don’t think you need any fancy-schmancy equipment to collect prehistoric shark teeth. On our first visit to the area, we asked our hotel desk clerk if there was any secret to finding shark teeth at the beach. Perhaps something only the savvy locals would know? She smiled and ever-so-politely replied: “Just look down.” So, we followed her advice. It’s that easy!

Do you have a favorite shoreline where you find shark teeth?


Please feel free to leave a comment.  We’d like to hear your own thoughts and tips on Venice beach ~ or any beach!


Helpful links:

City of Venice, Florida

Venice Area Chamber of Commerce

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Sharky’s on the Pier

18 Responses to ““Pick Your Own” Prehistoric Shark Teeth!”

  1. m nickerson said

    North Beach, near Chesapeake Beach, Md!

  2. kiwiskan said

    looks great

  3. amazing collection!

  4. Hank. said


  5. Jan McNutt said

    Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, in the Jacksonville area, is also famous for shark’s teeth.

  6. Ponte Vedra Beach, near Jacksonville, is a great treasure trove of shark’s teeth.

  7. Well said. Very nice synopsis and snapshot of our little area.

  8. Trisha said

    I went to Venice specifically to find oodles of sharks teeth, I didn’t have such luck. I came away with about 75, which I can find that many from a few hours of hunting in my home town of Jax beach/ Ponte Vedra Beach. The town was beautiful and peaceful. The locals were very friendly. I defiantly need to know the right location to get oodles of teeth.

    • E.G.D. said

      I bet it had to do with the timing. The best time to find those teeth is after the weather’s been crazy (storms and the like), which is most likely true of your home beaches, too. I’ve heard tell that winter is better in a lot of places, too, for some reason. Maybe the best thing to do is watch for crazy weather happenings in your own area! That could easily lead to oodles.

  9. Ashley N Marshall Messner said

    Where specifically would you recommend looking for the teeth/shells? Like if you had to pick it on a map? We’re looking to VRBO as close to that area (pictured) as possible for our next vacation because our kids LOVE shark teeth and shelling. Thanks!

    • E.G.D. said

      My favorite, personally, is the bit of Venice Beach that’s closest to the Best Western (though I haven’t been there in years). I have never found more shark teeth in a single day than I did when I was there. I would recommend you wear water shoes, though, because I also stepped on barbed wire that day and had to get a tetnis shot.

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