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Sea Glass Special! Wellington, New Zealand

Posted by Jody on November 21, 2015

It was a dark and stormy day… another absolutely perfect day at the beach for Greg and me! Oriental Bay Beach is Wellington, New Zealand’s most popular beach. And we had it all to ourselves! I’m guessing that was because of the weather (which pretty much only matters to us if there are lightning bolts involved).

Here’s a peek at what ended up to be a wonderful afternoon of sea glass hunting on Wellington’s beautiful inner harbor strand:


When I am asked, I often tell people that we have found the best sea glass beaches close to the older, often rowdy-ish, local bar scene districts. I wonder what the story of Oriental Bay is to have so much sea glass deposited on this stretch of beach. This sandy shoreline is probably one of the top three sea glass beaches we have ever come across!

It certainly was a perfect day at the beach for these two Beach Treasure Hunters!

Do you have an amazing beach for sea glass hunting? We’d sure love to hear about it!



7 Responses to “Sea Glass Special! Wellington, New Zealand”

  1. Hi Jody! Long time no see! RH

  2. Ruth said

    there’s a very small beach within the wider harbour of Plymouth Sound that leads down from a public house and it’s a minefield of glass and crockery shards. Before the Sound was built (creating a safer sea) there were many wrecks and I always assumed the bits were washed up from them.

  3. Patty Patrick said

    I live in Florida,USA. I had never seen any beach sea marbles until a couple of months ago. Didn’t know they existed. We find smoothed beach glass but not the marble shape. I am simply intrigued by them. I would love to win these. Shared with friends and my groups. Hope they enjoy them as much as I.

    • E.G.D. said

      It does sound like a lot of fun! I’ve never found a marble shaped bit of sea glass, though I have a good number of marbles that look like sea glass (mostly from the tops of Ramune bottled softdrinks)

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