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The International Beach Traveler: Trash v Treasure – Battle Japan

Posted by alainaflute on November 4, 2013

I was very fortunate to be able to visit my sister for a couple of summer weeks when she was living in Japan. Although she had work and studying to do most days, she took some time to take me sightseeing in the Kanto region (which includes both Gunma, the prefecture in which she lived, and Tokyo, the capital of Japan). One of the highlights was our visit to Kamakura. This city was once the capital of Japan and is well known for being the home of one of Japan’s National Treasures, the Kōtoku-in Temple Daibutsu, or giant Buddha bronze statue.  It also has beaches within easy walking distance from the train station and temples (my sister and I did most of our non-train travel on foot).

Yuigahama Beach and Zaimokuza Beach are on the same small stretch of coast on the Sagami Bay. The two are separated only by a river outlet that I don’t remember crossing.

View of the bay from Meigetsuin Temple (Photo by E.G.D)

View of the bay from Meigetsuin Temple (Photo by E.G.D)

The first Japanese beach sighting for me was from the Meigetsuin Temple, famous for its lovely hydrangeas.

Tully's on the Beach

Tully’s on the Beach

After touring the Starbucks, temples, and shops selling Hello Kitty cell phone dangles, we made our way down to the beach with some plums we brought at a produce stand (this begins a story for another day), enjoyed some Tully’s coffee from the shop located right on the sandy beach, and dipped our toes into the water. On the wet sand we found some shells, shell fragments, and small pieces of ocean-tumbled china. These were all fun little treasures that we thought would be worth bringing home.

While we were combing the beach, a very nice middle aged Japanese couple approached us to chat (they had a son studying in America). While we were conversing, the wife asked to see what we had picked up off of the beach. I opened my hand to show her, and she started picking through, throwing back the broken ones and my other bits of who-knows-what. My goodness, I had to think she didn’t think I knew what was worth keeping and what wasn’t. I was trying to subtly keep my eyes on where she was chucking things so I could try and pick them up again later.

That Nice Couple (Photo by either E.G.D. or Alaina Diehl)

That Nice Couple (Photo by either E.G.D. or Alaina Diehl)

Don’t worry- shell pieces aren’t too difficult to find on this beach. It wouldn’t take too long to pick up enough different shapes and colors to make a nice display of some sort.

The nice lady on the beach wasn’t the only person to think that what we found on the beach wasn’t treasure-worthy. My sister’s okaa-san (Japanese mom) didn’t understand why we would pick up broken bits and pieces off of the beach, either!  Anyway, in spite of the adversity, we did get away with some nice shells, bits, and bobs.

Some of Alaina's Kamakura Treasures

Some of Alaina’s Kamakura Treasures

Editor’s Note by E.G.D. : Okaa-san, once we explained that our shell finds were intended for decorative purposes, used the shells we gave her to decorate a bathroom counter, and to my knowledge, they’re still there today.


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Best Beaches of Batangas, Philippines

Posted by alainaflute on January 22, 2013

A popular destination near Metro Manila, Batangas is a province known for its gorgeous beaches. According to, these are the top 5 beaches close to Manila-Philippines (all found in Batangas):

Map of the Philippines showing the location of Batangas (© Eugene Alvin Villar, 2003)

Map of the Philippines showing the location of Batangas (© Eugene Alvin Villar, 2003)

Matabungkay Beach

Located in Lian, Batangas, Matabungkay Beach is popular among locals and tourists alike. The sea breeze is refreshing, and the waves are gentle, thanks to a small coral reef about 50 meters off shore from the low tide mark. Matabungkay is known for its bamboo raft rentals for swimming, snorkeling, or even picnicking on the water!

Matabungkay, Lian, Batangas, Philippines (Hyougushi / Hideyuki KAMON / Wikimedia Commons)

Matabungkay, Lian, Batangas, Philippines (Hyougushi /Hideyuki KAMON /Wikimedia Commons)

Calatagan Beaches

A popular destination of the elite, Calatagan is home to several beach resorts, some of which “have swimming pools adjoining the sea to give guests the choice of enjoying the pool, the sea, or bothColorful fishing boats also dominate the seascape and some are made available to tourists who wish to roam the shorelines for a fee.”

Map of Batangas showing the location of Calatagan (Mike Gonzalez/ Wikimedia Commons)

Map of Batangas showing the location of Calatagan (Mike Gonzalez/Wikimedia Commons)

Bauan Beaches

The town of Bauan, Batangas touts several great beaches that are great for swimming, snorkeling, and diving. Notably, the Portulano Dive Resorthas an ideal beach front and coastline conducive for good and satisfying dives.” Also, you’ll be able to find lovely places to enjoy “the cool and gentle waves of the azure South China Sea and ample grounds of fine sandy beaches for sun bathing, leisurely walking, frolicking, and picnicking.”

San Juan Beaches offer stretches of fine sand with great views of the “cerulean” sea (I had to look that up – it’s another word for azure). San Juan is also known for its beach resorts. You’ll have absolutely no trouble shedding your cares on these relaxing beaches!

Virgin Beach, Laiya, San Juan, Batangas, Philippines (Urville86/Wikimedia Commons)

Virgin Beach, Laiya, San Juan, Batangas, Philippines (Urville86/Wikimedia Commons)

Kabayan Beach

If you’re looking for affordable quality, Kabayan Beach is your destination for “clear water, gentle waves, fine and clean sand, comfortable amenities for sun bathing, some water sports, picnicking, and cooking…”

I don’t know about you, but I’m putting Batangas on my beachy vacation to-do list!  Sun, fun, sand, surf, and a reason to use the word cerulean!  Who could ask for more?


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Komodo Island – Discover the Wildlife

Posted by E.G.D. on December 19, 2012

Today’s Featured Writer is Grace Bailey

Komodo Island Waters (Photo from Shutterstock)

Komodo Island Waters (Photo from Shutterstock)

Are you yearning to experience a vacation filled with wild adventures and magnificent landscapes? Do you want to be close to nature and feel its powers and magnificence? Do you miss the green mountains and crystal clear waters? If the answer to these questions is yes, I have the ideal place for your unforgettable trip. Komodo Island, with all its beauty and magnificence, can be the perfect vacation destination.

Located at the center of the Indonesian archipelago, Komodo Island is one of the three largest of the magnificent islands within the Komodo National Park. If the gentle touch of nature and natural pure beauty are what you have been missing the most, this island is the ideal place for you. Here you will find yourself in a quiet and magical atmosphere and surrounded by gorgeous landscapes and unforgettable views.

(Photo from Shutterstock)

(Photo from Shutterstock)

More like a painting than a real place, the island displays magnificent and pure natural beauty and breathtaking landscapes. One of the most beautiful and famous tourist destinations in Komodo National Park is definitely the Pink Beach. This symphony of soft light sand and stunning underwater flora and fauna will definitely make you feel like you are in paradise. The combination of numerous red corals and the white sand create the illusion of a unique pink beach called Pantai Merah by the locals. Here you can enjoy the endless beauty of nature and realize why Komodo National Park is among the finalists for the New Seven Wonders of the World.

You may have heard about that unique and special relationship between people and dragons and here you have the chance to see that. There is a tradition for locals to feed the Komodo dragons, which has created that special bond. In fact, the Komodo dragon is one of the greatest attractions for many tourists who have never had the chance to be so close to the wildlife. This is the only place which can take you so close to nature and unique magnificent creatures that you can actually feel their magic.

Komodo Dragon in the Komodo National Park (photo by by Thomas Hirsch from Wikimedia Commons)

Komodo Dragon in the Komodo National Park (photo by by Thomas Hirsch from Wikimedia Commons)

With several first class sites dispersed around the park, Komodo Island is the ideal place for scuba diving. Experienced divers will truly enjoy the incredible riot of bright color under the waters. Here you can also discover the glorious marine animals like sea cucumbers, snappers and the beautiful sea turtles. Some of the most famous sites include Cannibal Rock and Gili Lawa known for sharks, tuna and barracudas.

Filled with numerous adventures and fun family activities, the island can offer you an unforgettable and memorable vacation. Here you will never be bored, because entertainment is around every corner. Whether you decide to spend time exploring the magnificent nature by taking a nice long walks, or discover the island on a boat, you are always guaranteed to have a great time.

If the picture I have described here with words caught your attention, you may be now planning your trip to Komodo Island. You should bear in mind that the best time to visit the island is between November and April, so why not have a nice winter family trip exploring the wildlife?! So isolated from the real world and from everything that surrounds you in the big city, in Komodo Island you can really feel like you are on vacation. This is the best place where you can relax and feel the joy of being so close to nature. The wildlife of the island gives you the unique opportunity to get in touch with another, different world.

If you are longing to make your wildest dreams come true, if you are dreaming to see and explore a different world, Komodo Island is a place for you. Wild adventures, magnificent landscapes, and pure natural beauty are what you can expect to see and experience in the island.

About the author:  Grace is a passionate  writer, dreamer and adventurer. She enjoys writing of various interesting and exotic places and people. You can read more at


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Happy National Coffee Day!

Posted by alainaflute on September 29, 2012

What’s better than a good cup of coffee? A good cup of coffee on the beach, of course!

Tully’s Coffee on the Beach in Kamakura

Several years ago, Elisa and I enjoyed a cup of Joe on the beach in Kamakura-shi, Japan. Although Kamakura is best known as being the home of the famous Daibutsu (“Great Buddha”) at the Kōtoku-in Temple, there is plenty to love about this beautiful city. Although I’ve already told you about our Kamakura beach adventures, here is a part of the story I had yet to mention: the plums we bought and brought down to the beach were stolen by some very scary, large black birds. Their beaks were big enough to grab a whole plum and fly away with it. Since that was the case, we decided it would be safest not to argue and let them have our plums.

View of the Beach in Kamakura-shi from the Coffee Shop

So, word to the wise, giant black beach birds don’t try to steal coffee. Stick with coffee!

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Witness the horseshoe crab molting process

Posted by Jody on July 25, 2012

We really enjoyed this post by Beach Chair Scientist and think you will, too! We thank them for sharing with us. ~Jody

Beach Chair Scientist

I’d like to share this remarkable two and a half-minute video of a horseshoe crab during the molting process. Produced by the Hong Kong Coast Watch and filmed by Kevin Laurie in May 2011, this film shows a juvenile Tachypleus tridentatus (one of the three species found in the Pacific ocean along the coast of Japan) shedding its outgrown exoskeleton at 16 times real speed. With calming music playing in the background you can witness the horseshoe crab as it burrows in the sand and exerts a tremendous amount of effort pulsing and pushing as it releases itself from its old shell. You can also get a glimpse as to the interesting creatures crawling around on the shores of the Pacific sea. For more information on the morphology differences between the four extant species of horseshoe crabs visit the Ecological Research & Development Group (ERDG), a leading resource for…

View original post 5 more words

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The Best of Dubai’s Manmade Beaches

Posted by Jody on July 10, 2012

Today’s Featured Writer: David Marsha

Whenever I need to refresh myself and want to chill out, especially during summer season, my ultimate choice is to go on a beach trip. Beaches always fascinate me. I just love the cool breezes and the tenderness of sandy beaches. Many of you plan to go abroad to spend your summer holidays with your family and friends, and it is human nature to want to make vacation time memorable and full of fun. United Arab Emirates is a country located along the Persian Gulf, which is renowned for its pristine beaches. If you are in love with nature and the sea, then this country is ready and waiting for you.

United Arab Emirates (Map: Abhijitsathe/Wikipedia)

Visiting any of the six emirates of this country will be a fun filled trip. But Dubai is exceptionally famous among them for providing endless fun and entertainment activities suited to people of all ages. As Dubai is geographically located along the south east coast of the Persian Gulf, it has naturally beautiful beaches that have become more entertaining due to the combined efforts of state government and developers. Dubai also has several manmade beaches that offer unlimited fun activities to visitors, and some manmade beaches in Dubai have become famous around the world. Tourists and travelers visiting Dubai often include such beaches in their must-visit list. I highly recommend them myself, and below is my list of the top three fascinating manmade beaches in Dubai.

Jumeriah Beach

Jumeirah Beach is just a 25 minute drive from the city center. It is the largest beach of Dubai, and it features a beautiful view of blue sea and a wide stretch of silver sand. Attractions include Jumeriah Beach Park, waterfront cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy tea and light snacks, and sand you can walk on for hours. The natural beauty of this place mesmerizes nature lovers. This long beach also has facilities like hotels and private clubs, as well as public restrooms, showers and changing rooms open to the public. Well trained life guards are on duty until sunset. Its warm turquoise water and finest white soft sand are the best assets of the Jumeriah Beach.

Jumeirah Beach Park, Dubai (Photo: Shahroozporia/Wikipedia Commons)

Al Mamzar Beach

Al Mamzar is another must-see manmade beach in Dubai that offers a lot of fun activities for you and your family. It is located on Diera side of Dubai Creek, and it is a bit less crowded than Jumeriah Beach, as long as you do not go on a Friday. Fun activities you can enjoy at Al Mamzar include 4 luxury beach areas, an amphitheater, green picnic areas, a playground for children and two swimming pools. Such amusement opportunities make this manmade beach a perfect destination for families. The beach areas feature showers, toilets and changing rooms. You can even rent an air-conditioned chalet with barbecue facilities. Trained life guards are always present, both poolside and beachside, to protect you and your kids. When you are not swimming or feasting, cycling is also a popular way to spend your day at this beach.

Al Mamzar Beach, Dubai, UAE (Photo: Shahroozporia/Wikimedia Commons)

Jebel Ali Beach

Jabel Ali Beach is renowned for possessing the world’s largest manmade harbor. This beach is forty kilometers away from the main land of Dubai. It is different from other manmade beaches in Dubai because it makes for an informative trip that helps a person understand the industries of this emirate. Of course, Jabel Ali is also world famous for its Palm Islands project, luxury resorts, extravagant apartments and lush green golf courses, as well as its beautiful beaches. Local residents often drive on the beach to find a perfect place to sit on the public beaches, but Jabel Ali is also home to private resorts that maintain stretches of private beach. Whatever stretch of white sand you choose, you will be able to enjoy a view of the clean blue waters.

This list doesn’t represent all the wonderful beaches in Dubai. Other great beaches include Kite Beach, Russian Beach and Umm Suqeim. If you are going to visit Dubai during the summer, I suggest you to visit beaches during evening, as temperatures are very high during the daytime. If you come during the winter months, you can enjoy the beaches all day long!

About the Author:  David Marsha is a Dubai based blogger and guest author who writes about different topics related to Dubai property and Dubai tourism. Check out his latest Research on Al Barsha Dubai.

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The Five Best Beaches in Bali

Posted by Jody on May 22, 2012

Today’s Featured Writer: Teresa Shuler

Jimbaran Beach Sunset, Bali (Slivester Nuenenorl cor Bounifeuisc/Wikimedia Commons)

The Five Best Beaches in Bali

Bali is a beautiful and exotic island located in the Indian Ocean. Often referred to as the Island of the Gods, Bali is part of Indonesia and boasts some truly incredible scenery. Lush tropical forests, stunning coastlines and breathtaking mountain peaks combine to create the magnificent island. Thanks to the warm climate year round, Bali is a top destination for travelers who want to find the perfect beach. Here is your guide to the to five best beaches in all of Bali.

1. Jimbaran Bay

This beach is located in South Bali and is considered to be one of the most scenic beaches on the island as well as a top choice for swimmers. The beach is made from soft white sand and the whole bay is sheltered from any strong winds. Although there are a number of hotels located along the beach, Jimbaran Bay is long enough that is is rarely crowded and there is always an opportunity to find a quiet place along the water. It is also an ideal place to watch the sunset each evening around five.

Jimbaran Beach, Bali (PHGCOM/Wikimedia Commons)

2. Kuta Beach

If you don’t mind sharing the beach with a few other tourists, then Kuta is the perfect place for you. As one of the most popular tourism resorts on Bali, Kuta boasts a number of options for recreational activities to enjoy in the water. Perhaps the most popular pastime is surfing. Rent boards here or take lessons with retired professional surfers who make their living giving lessons to travelers. There are also a number of local bars and restaurants located on the beach. The nightlife is one particularly exciting aspect of Kuta Beach.

Kuta Beach, Bali (Ibenkjoker/Wikipedia Commons)

3. Geger Beach

Located just next to the St Regis Nusa Dua in Bali is Geger Beach. It is a popular spot for families and those who want a scenic spot without the hassle of traveling too far from their hotel. The long beach is covered in white sand and the water is quite shallow for some distance before gradually getting deeper. This makes is especially safe for young children or anyone who is not a confident swimmer. You can rent beach equipment like chairs and umbrellas for just a few dollars along the shore, or dine in the local and international cafes on the sand.

4. Amed

This beach in Bali is definitely off the beaten track. Rather than seeing lots of tourists, you will see local fishermen who set off each day on their outrigger fishing boats to catch fresh seafood. The sand is black as a result of volcanic activity. However, it is just as soft and fine as you might find on any other beach in Bali. The coral reefs and shipwrecks off the coast make Amed a popular place for snorkelers and scuba divers.

5. Dreamland Beach

Just as the name implies, Dreamland Beach is a beautiful destination that might seem as if from a dream. It is surrounded on three sides by cliffs that make it secluded as well as sheltered from wind. Dreamland Beach is especially popular with honeymooning couples who come to watch the beautiful sunset each evening.

Dreamland Beach, Bali (Krismartin/Wikimedia Commons)

Each of these beaches offers visitors the chance to see a different side of Bali. Some are popular and large, while others are small and off the beaten track. Each of the five is a beautiful destination to explore on vacation.

Teresa Shuler is a hotel reviewer and freelance travel blogger. She’s been to resorts around the globe but her personal favorites have been her holidays to Bali. In particular she recommends holidays to Seminyak, Bali for a trip you’ll never forget.

Comments? Suggestions? Tips?  Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below.  Thanks~ Jody

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Your Daydreams Are Calling! The Island of Bali

Posted by Jody on April 2, 2012

Today’s Featured Writer: Porter Olson Your Daydreams Are Calling Travel is often filled with colorful but misleading phrases. Words like hotspot, off-the-beaten path and paradise lose their currency when a destination is no longer hot (travel trends come and go like the latest runways fashions) or so thoroughly wired to the rest of the globe that off-the-beaten path simply refers to having sporadic Wi-Fi connection.

Bali Sunset, Indonesia (Photo: Dohduhdah/Wikimedia Commons)

However, travelers are a romantic group by nature, and many of them are still looking for that far-flung tropical outpost. They believe there is an undiscovered beach out there somewhere. Ponce de Leon’s fountain of youth is still hidden beneath a cascading waterfall or camouflaged in a tangled mass of flora and fauna. When travelers go in search of this pristine swath of beach and Rousseau style romanticism, they often find themselves in Southeast Asia, on the island of Bali. Travel might be filled with colorful phrases, but Bali has the most vibrant and intriguing nicknames. The Pearl of the Indian Ocean and Island of the Gods are just a few of its praiseworthy monikers. Needless to say, this lush and beautiful island in the Indonesian archipelago is well deserving of its esteemed reputation. When you close your eyes and daydream about a tropical holiday, a picture of Bali is what forms in your mind, even if you do not know it yet. But when a daydream calls, you better answer.

Kuta Beach Surfer, Bali, Indonesia (Photo:Jordy Theiller/Wikimedia Commons)

Planning, Logistics and General Facts Despite what you might think, Bali is not off-the-beaten-path. Spiritual seekers, world-class surfers and divers have been visiting the island for years. What was once a well-kept secret or as they say in the travel industry, a hidden jewel, has become increasingly visible over the years. From sandy beaches and volcanic mountains to countless Hindu temples and chic resorts, Bali has something for everybody. This is why budget travelers, jetsetters, hippies, New Age gurus, Julia Roberts in the film “Eat Pray Love,” and what seems like the entire continent of Australia, due to its proximity to the island, have descended on the Bali.

Pura Batu Balong Temple. Rock formation is Tanah Lot. Bali, Indonesia (Photo: chensiyuan/Wikimedia Commons)

Avoid visiting Bali during July and August. The hotels and restaurants hike their prices, and the entire island becomes a headache inducing traffic jam. Bali is small; it measures only 90 miles east to west. In the off-season, the island is quiet and there are better deals on accommodations. In Bali, the Indonesian Rupiah is the main form of currency, and 1.00 Indonesian Rupiah is equal to 0.00011 U.S. Dollars. It is a good thing that debit cards and credit cards are widely accepted, as the currency exchange can be a bit mind-boggling. You will need a passport to visit Bali, and when you land at Ngurah Rai International Airport, you will need to purchase a Visa on Arrival. For a U.S. citizen, this temporary travel visa will cost you $25 and is good for 30 days. Finally, Balinese and Indonesian are Bali’s two main languages. However, English is also spoken throughout the island, especially at those places that cater to tourists.

Balinese Dancer (Photo: Yves Picq/Wikimedia Commons)

A Bali Planner Bali is a stunning combination of sun, sand, surf and spirituality. From the town of Seminyak, which is an enclave of upscale restaurants and trendy resorts, to the Ubud, which is known for its museums and arts and crafts, Bali has a lot to offer. Balinese dance and music is legendary, and dance spectacles like the Kecak, Barong and Legong Keraton have long captivated visitors. All aspects of island life are infused with culture, arts and religion. Indonesia is Muslim, but the island of Bali has been a Hindu sanctuary since 100 BC. There are roughly 20,000 Hindu temples on the island, and enlightenment has been a major draw to visitors since the 1960s, when tourism and spiritual pilgrimages became intertwined. In other words, if you are looking for inner balance but do not want to travel to an ashram in India, you can visit a Hindu temple and pick up a surfboard in Bali.

Kuta Beach, Bali, Indonesia (Photo: Ibenkjoker/Wikimedia Commons)

Your Daydreams are Answered Whether you are riding the waves on Kuta Beach or marveling at the black, volcanic sand in Lovina, watching a traditional Balinese dance or bird watching at the West Bali National Park, Bali may not be off-the-beaten path, but it is certainly a hotspot. You never know: it might just be the fountain of youth you have been looking for. About Porter Olson About the Author: When he’s not out traveling, Porter Olson is a writer and blogger for

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Thavorn Beach Village & Spa Presents: “Our Top 10 Best Phuket Beaches”

Posted by Jody on November 29, 2011

Family Post by Alaina Diehl

I’ve never been to Thailand, but I did eat delicious Thai curry yesterday. I guess that doesn’t make me much of a Thai beach authority, so we’ll have to depend on the advice of the Thavorn Beach Village & Spa to know where to go to hit the fun and sun at the beaches of Phuket.

Phuket Province, Thailand (NordNordWest/Wikipedia)

Phuket, located approximately 862 kilometers south of Bangkok, is Thailand’s largest island, and it sports some of Thailand’s loveliest beaches.

1. Bangtao Beach is easy to get to by motor bike or car. There are plenty of tourist facilities and luxury resorts around this relaxing beach that was once used for tin mining.  Swimming is great during the dry season (November to April).

2. Patong Beach is considered the party capital of Phuket. During the day you can hit the sun beds and at night you can hit the bars and clubs. Crowded during the high season, you can escape to the north end of the bay or enjoy a Thai message on the beach. There are plenty water sports and activities to experience as well.

Patong Beach (Neitram/Wikimedia Commons)

3. Karon Beach is the second largest Phuket beach. Although it is only a few steps away from luxury resort hotels, this beach isn’t as crowded as Patong Beach. This beach is kid friendly with places to snorkel and get your game on (Dino Park Mini Golf).

4. Surin Beach is known for its clear waters. Golfing, swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, and parasailing are a few activities that you can enjoy here… not to mention eating! This beach has many nearby restaurants.

5. Curving, white sand Kata Beach is pretty popular, so you will have to get there early to get a sun bed. Kids can spot fish at the south end of the beach, while adults and big kids can enjoy water activities of all kinds.

6. Freedom Beach means freedom from noise (no water sports allowed on this beach). Relax on a sun bed under a palm tree or sink your feet into the clean, white sand.

7. Paradise Beach: Soft, white sand, beautiful greenery, and clear water—enough said.

Paradise Beach (Lofor/Wikimedia Commons)

8. Kata Noi Beach is less developed than Kata Beach to the north. From this beach, you can spot the evergreen Poo Island. High waves from May to October make it dangerous for swimming, but the surfers dig it.

9. Kamala Beach has more of a family beach atmosphere.  The northern side of the beach is good for taking a dip in the tropical water.

10. Nakalay Beach belongs to the Thavorn Beach Village Resort, so, of course they recommend it! I like a good private beach, myself. This looks like a nice spot to swim, tan, and relax.

Last but not least, a safety tip: the rainy season (May to October) brings unpredictable conditions for the water. It is a good idea to heed the flag warnings on the beaches. Stay out of the water on a red flag day!

Check out more travel tips, links, and pictures at

Thailand is definitely on my Asian beach to-do list. Amazing images of lush green foliage against the white sands and beautifully blue ocean definitely fit my idea of paradise.

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