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Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines and Information for Guest Posts

We at Beach Treasures and Treasure Beaches are always elated to receive guest posts from our readers, and we would be thrilled to receive yours!  Here are some guidelines and recommendations for guest posts:

1) This may seem obvious… but please write about your own personal experiences with beach treasures and treasure beaches!  Original (never before published) articles about beach related crafts and collections, as well as articles about beach geology or beach flora and fauna are also very welcome.  We have allowed our theme to be… shall we say stretched?… in guest posts in the past, but we have decided to buckle down!  Basically, henceforth, we ask that all guest post submissions mirror the content of the articles by our four administrator/authors.

2) Please send your post to  You may either write your post in the body of the e-mail or send it as an rtf (rich text format) file attachment.

3) Please try to keep your post between 300 and 600 words (short and sweet!) ~ if possible.

If you would like to contribute in the category of “Today’s Special,” you need not worry about a minimum word count! You might want to click on “Today’s Special” in the Treasure Trove (on left sidebar) for examples.

4) Please be sure to cite any article or website you reference in your post.  Even if you do not specifically reference an article or website, we are always happy to see links to official beach websites and visitor’s bureaus.  If you do not have any links in your post, we may add a link to an official beach website or visitor’s bureau, but we will never change your words without your express written permission.  Please do NOT include links to personal websites or to “spam” commercial locations (e.g. realtors, merchants, or other opinion-oriented sites) in the body of your article, though we’re happy to link to your site or store in the author bio-blurb.

5) Please keep most of your beach information positive!  We like to follow the rule “if we cannot recommend a beach, we do not write about it.  If we cannot support a website or newspaper, we do not quote from it or cite it.”  It is alright to mention odd or less positive things, so long as the general impression your post gives about a beach is a positive one.  We consider all things related to safety rules and procedures positive ^_^.

6) Please include a personal image or images with your post (or if not, please grant us permission to add images of our own).  If the pictures are your own, please give us the pictures’ titles and your full name or internet handle to post in the caption of the image.  If the pictures are not your own, please make sure you have permission from the photographer or artist before sending them our way, and please give us the origin of the image and the name of the photographer or artist to include in the caption.  Many images (especially on Wikipedia) are published under a creative commons license, in which case permission to use the image is granted under the license and needs not be begged. In the case of a creative commons image, please send us the origin of the image and the name of the photographer or artist as you would with any image that is not your own. *We always prefer personal photos and hope to include “creative commons” images ONLY when absolutely necessary.*

7) Please do not forget to tell us how you want us to credit you!  Do you want your full name or your internet handle?  Do you want us to link your blog or website?  Please let us know when you send us your post. *A short bio or “About the Author” is entirely appropriate and welcome!*

8) Please spread the word and tell your beach-going friends about our site’s guest posting ways, and please feel free to submit as many times as you like.

9) We request that you share your published post/article link on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) if you have it.  We’ll certainly do the same!

If you have something good to say about beaches, we’d love to read it and share it.  Thank you very much for your thoughts, your interest, and your patronage of our site.

Have a great day at the beach!

11 Responses to “Submission Guidelines”

  1. aj vosse said

    Fun… all good, clean FUN!! 😉

  2. Give me a few days and I will be happy to offer one. Although as chatty as i am 600 words is only a partial post 😉

  3. Thanks for coming by my blog: you are so creative with photo’s.

  4. Darrel said

    Looking for cozy lodging on Sanibel Beach for 18th & 19th of December, anny suggestions or web site i could check out accomadations?
    Thank You

    • Jody said

      Darrel, we have had good luck with the Sanibel Collection of resorts and the Sanibel Siesta Condominiums. Check recent reviews because things can change! Have a great time at the beach!

  5. […] Submission Guidelines […]

  6. Kate w said

    My birthday is December 28th and I’d really like to know more about this place before I make an 5 hour drive. It sounds beautiful and amazing. Do I bring my own bags/boxes..? Fees of any kind? Where do I go to find this out?

    • E.G.D. said

      Hi, Kate. I’m not sure what you’re talking about, because you posted this on the submissions guidelines page! Perhaps you should name the place in question and post it under questions and requests here:

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