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Beach Treasures and Treasure Beaches Meets Beach Chair Scientist

Posted by Jody on August 21, 2012

We are honored and tickled that Ann, the Beach Chair Scientist, asked us to join in on her Tuesday fun! Ann posted a mini-interview with us today. We had a wonderful time working with her! (Ann, many thanks!)

Our middle and youngest daughters are also “Treasure Hunters”, and our oldest daughter is a frequent contributor. Our family, including our two adorable grandchildren, is often pictured on the blog’s posts. Beach Treasures and Treasure has become quite a family affair! ~Jody

Beach Chair Scientist

Happy Tuesday! I am sure you know by now, but this is a series I have been featuring each Tuesday this summer to get a special sneak peek at the different personalities behind the scientists, activists, and educators (including bloggers) who play an integral role in the marine science conservation field. It’s essentially an extension of the overwhelmingly popular and well done Tumblr blog, This Is What A Scientist Looks Like, (BCS was featured in April!) which sets out to illustrate that scientists are not just crazy haired nerds in lab coats. I’ve sent a list of 15 random questions to some folks I know and asked that each person share at least their answers to 5 of them. Today It’s a two for one deal with Greg and Jody Diehl, from Beach Treasures and Treasure Beaches.

Greg has lived around water all of his entire life ……

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Witness the horseshoe crab molting process

Posted by Jody on July 25, 2012

We really enjoyed this post by Beach Chair Scientist and think you will, too! We thank them for sharing with us. ~Jody

Beach Chair Scientist

I’d like to share this remarkable two and a half-minute video of a horseshoe crab during the molting process. Produced by the Hong Kong Coast Watch and filmed by Kevin Laurie in May 2011, this film shows a juvenile Tachypleus tridentatus (one of the three species found in the Pacific ocean along the coast of Japan) shedding its outgrown exoskeleton at 16 times real speed. With calming music playing in the background you can witness the horseshoe crab as it burrows in the sand and exerts a tremendous amount of effort pulsing and pushing as it releases itself from its old shell. You can also get a glimpse as to the interesting creatures crawling around on the shores of the Pacific sea. For more information on the morphology differences between the four extant species of horseshoe crabs visit the Ecological Research & Development Group (ERDG), a leading resource for…

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