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It’s National Clean Beaches Week!

Posted by Jody on July 5, 2014

Feeling the Love on Harrison County Sand Beach, Mississippi

Feeling the Love on Harrison County Sand Beach, Mississippi

Celebrated annually (July 1-7) as the “Earth Day” for beaches, National Clean Beaches Week is a friendly reminder that the planet’s shorelines deserve a little tender loving care. The Clean Beaches Coalition leads the way with a “network of coastal organizations and individuals committed to promoting clean, healthy and well managed beaches around the world.” Who doesn’t think that’s a great idea!?

Here’s our very own up close and personal look at why our beaches need to feel the love too:



Not really feeling the love!
Not feeling the love!
Still not feeling the love...
Still not feeling the love…


OK, so now I'm feeling the love!
OK, so now I’m feeling the love!


The Clean Beaches Coalition (CBC) certifies deserving beaches as “Blue Wave.” Blue Wave Beaches are accredited according to their active participation in embracing and promoting the “7 Blue Wave Ethics.”

They are:
1. Leave no trace
2. Move your body
3. Don’t tread the dunes
4. Know your limits
5. You are what you eat
6. Feed your mind
7. Respect the ocean

Is your favorite beach a Blue Wave Beach? Or perhaps it has a different certification? We’d love to hear about it!

Rockport's Blue Wave Beach (Texas)

Rockport’s Blue Wave Beach (Texas)


Helpful links:

Blue Wave Beach Certification

Harrison County Sand Beach, Mississippi (Photo #1)

Rockport, Texas  ~Texas’ First Certified Blue Wave Beach~ (Photo #6)



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What is a Blue Wave Beach?

Posted by Jody on January 10, 2012

I only recently learned of the existence of “Blue Wave Beaches.”  Yet, the Blue Wave certification program has actually been around for over a decade!

The Clean Beaches Coalition accredits beaches within the United States and its territories for “clean, healthy and environmentally well managed” conditions. According to the Clean Beaches website: “The Blue Wave certification process is designed to help maintain robust, healthy, and vibrant beaches.”   Municipalities and other organizations representing beach locales must apply for the recognition, support, and actively promote the following seven Blue Wave Ethics. 

1. Leave no trace (what you carry in, carry out)
2. Move your body (walk, run or swim)
3. Don’t tread the dunes (use a walkover or walk-thru)
4. Know your limits (swim, surf and boat safely)
5. You are what you eat (eat healthy seafood)
6. Feed your mind. (read a book)
7. Respect the Ocean (riptides, storms, natural resources)

Evening at Drakes Beach, Point Reyes National Seashore, California / 2011 Blue Wave Beach (© Jody Diehl)

A total of 65 beaches were officially certified as Blue Wave in 2011.  The 2011 Blue Wave Beaches list includes beaches within 18 states, the US Virgin Islands and American Samoa.  47 of the accredited beaches are located within National Seashores, National Parks, and National Lakeshores.  Other than beaches managed by the National Park Service, last year’s list incorporates an additional 12 beaches in Florida, 2 beaches in Wisconsin, and 1 beach in the each of the states of Michigan, Ohio, Oregon, Texas.

I do wonder why “Blue Wave” doesn’t seem to be catching on. What do you think? Will slow and steady win the race?

Feel free to share your ideas and thoughts with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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Rockport Beach: A Great Escape (Texas)

Posted by Jody on January 6, 2012

Today’s Featured Writer: Alaina Diehl

Rockport Beach (photo by Alaina Diehl)

Rockport Beach is a short drive south from Victoria, Texas, where I played in the Victoria Bach Festival Baroque Orchestra a couple of summers back. The oboes and flutes decided to get away for a short afternoon at the beach.  We drove past bayous and through beautiful wildlife areas and past other small beachish looking towns before we came to Rockport, Texas, which is located on Aransas Bay. Our only goals for the day were heading to the beach and finding a place to eat, so we  parked the car and set off on foot. A short walk brought us to the marina, where shrimping, fishing, and leisure boats were docked. Vendors were selling their catch of the day, and cheeky birds were hovering for their chance to have a taste.  We walked a bit farther to get to the shore, which is rather long and quite walkable. Although we didn’t hit the main beach area, we could see people strolling, swimming, kite flying, and otherwise enjoying a beautiful, sunny day.

You can find out more about the Rockport Beach Park at the Rockport-Fulton official website:  “Our Blue Wave beach is litter free, is handicap accessible, has public restroom facilities, picnic sites, children play areas, swimming, fishing, public boat ramp and is a bird sanctuary.”

Marina (photo by Alaina Diehl)

If you have insider-info on Rockport Beach, we’d love to hear from you.  As always, the comment space is below.  Have a great day at the beach!

If you would like more information on Blue Wave beaches you might want to check out: What is a Blue Wave Beach?

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