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Got Driftwood?

Posted by Jody on August 23, 2013

Can you believe what you can do with a wall mirror, some driftwood, and a hot glue gun?

Got Driftwood?

Got Driftwood?

Alaina and I found this drift wood artwork in a hotel elevator lobby along Alabama’s beautiful Gulf Coast. It looks like a pretty easy-breezy weekend project to me. What do you think?

Is it time to dive into your driftwood stash? We’d love to see your crafty side!


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Shells and Beads and Cord, Oh My! It’s a Kiddo Playground!

Posted by E.G.D. on September 15, 2012

So, as those of you who read my posts know, my niece and nephew collected a truly amazing number of shells last time our family visited the gulf coast together.  Some of you might recall that particular event ultimately led to my discovery of seashells as a decopage-able item.  Well, a couple weeks ago, I finally decided that something must be done about the fact that all those shells were still in bags and buckets half full of water and sand.  I fished them out of the plastic crate that had been their home for a good number of months, and I spent about an hour one evening and washed them all, laying them out to dry on towels and dumping all the excess sand in the backyard.  Now, I know this may sound like an odd thing for an aunt to do of an evening, but I had a very good reason, and the reason is as follows:  one day, I decided to string some of my beach treasures from the Louisiana Gulf Coast, and my nephew walked into my room and said, “wow, Aunt Elisa!  Those are beautiful.  I hope I can be a great necklace maker like you when I grow up,” and my immediate response was, “Liam, you can be just as good a necklace maker right now.  Here, I’ll show you…” but, what with his being five and a bit flighty, he was out of the room before I could get his hands on my shells.

Now, I won’t say I sprung immediately into action or anything, but I can say that the very next time I found myself in a craft store, I bought a large package of plastic necklace cord and two large packages of miscellaneous plastic beads.  I’m sure you have guessed this by now, but that was the night I went and washed all those shells, and I carefully picked out every one I could find with a proper, natural hole in it.

Well, that was a long story, and I feel I oughtn’t make a long story longer, so I shall present the result to you in pictures, though I am sorry to say that Liam was asleep when I took them (this was seashell necklace evening #2).  However, I did get some good shots of his necklace, and Oona was happy to demonstrate the process for me ^_^.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you can see, this is a simple, fun project for beachcombers of all ages, and the possibilities are endless.  I highly recommend this sort of project to any family of beachgoers.  I absolutely guarantee the little ones will love the entire process, from collecting to stringing!  Happy beach treasure crafting- E.G.D.

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Sea Star and Seashell Ornaments – Year Round Treasures

Posted by Jody on December 19, 2011

Sea Star and Seashell Ornament I (©Jody Diehl)

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! The snow is really coming down in Albuquerque, New Mexico today.  I’ve always heard that no two snowflakes are alike. Although I have never heard it said with authority, I would bet that the same holds true for seashells.

Greg and I found these lovely sea star and seashell ornaments on a Christmas tree at the Hotel Del Coronado in sunny Southern California.  Just like snowflakes, no two were alike!

Sea Star and Seashell Ornament II (©Jody Diehl)

Surely these lovely seashore charms can be used as decorations year round!  They can be hung from ceiling fans and light pulls.  How about using them to adorn a fireplace mantle or perching them on the shelf with your travel books? The possibilities seem endless.

A quick run to the local craft store – if you don’t have these beauties in your beach treasure collection already – and a trusty hot glue gun should do ‘ya .  Simple, fun and festive.  These are great Christmastime and year round decorations.  What a thoughtful holiday gifting idea!

Happy holidays and happy beachcombing to you and yours!

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For Gift Giving and Everyday Display: Bottle Those Beach Treasures!

Posted by Jody on December 5, 2011

Here’s a really quick, simple, inexpensive gift idea!  Best of all, these little presents are colorful and eye catching display pieces that can be enjoyed year round. These “Beach in a Bottle” collections are lots of fun to make and even more fun to give to any beach lover on your list. Of course, you’ll want to make a few of these for yourself, too.

From Left to Right: 1)Sanibel Island, Florida 2)Venice Beach, Florida 3)Avalon, Catalina Island, California (©Jody Diehl)

All you need are a few glass containers of various sizes.  The sizes and shapes of your chosen glassware may be dependent upon where you (or your giftee) will show off your seashell and beach treasure collections.  Will you place them on a shelf in your kitchen?  Then, go ahead and choose salt and pepper shakers, a Parmesan cheese shaker, or perhaps a restaurant style sugar dispenser. You get the idea. Just make sure that there aren’t too many angles in the glass-work because you don’t want the glass to be too distracting from the treasures inside! Be sure to pick the sizes that are right for the seashells you want to display.  Also keep in mind that those special seashells and beach treasures need to fit through the openings of the glass containers you choose.

Now, have fun picking out the very best of your beach treasures for each container.  (This could lead to some serious discussion if you decide to make it a group effort.)  Be sure to label the bottom of each showpiece with the beach name for each collection.  It’s easy to get the containers mixed up if the seashells inside are similar!

You might want to use a kitchen funnel to add a little clean, sifted sand from the same beach. Tie the bottle up with a ribbon and Voila, an easy breezy variation on the “beach in a bottle” seashell craft.  A gift from anyone to anyone. Children especially love to pick out each special seashell that will go into the little “beach in a bottle” gifts.  We picked up little plastic bottles with screw-on tops from the craft store for our little 4 year old designer. He was one proud little boy, handing his homemade gifts out on Christmas morning.

To Nana, From Liam - Christmas 2010 (©Jody Diehl)

You really can bottle that day at the beach feeling for year-round enjoyment!

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Fun Weekend Project: Seashell Wind Chimes

Posted by Jody on July 22, 2011

Here’s an awesome idea for displaying your beach treasures.  It’s a very clever way to make  seashell wind chimes! I found an article about easy-to-make seashell wind chimes that will remind you of those calming ocean breezes long after you return home with your seashell treasure-trove.

You just need a few mismatched spoons and forks (easy enough to find at your local thrift store), sea shells, some beads, a couple of tools, and a touch of imagination.  The author suggests this as an adult/child activity, and even though I know it would be great fun to do with the grandkids… I’m not going to wait!!

Easy Seashell Wind Chime Craft

A very simple seashell craft! Imagine what great gifts these easy seashell wind chimes would make for fellow beach lovers, or for anyone who appreciates nature’s ornaments.

Easy Breezy!  It’s “green,” it’s fun, it’s low-cost and it’ll make the memories last!

Here’s the link: Make a wind chime using shells from your next beach outing by Laura Elson for Grace: A Magazine for Women.

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Extreme Beach Treasure Crafting!

Posted by Jody on July 22, 2011

I love this story!

Rick Davis and Lou Ann Hill-Davis have brought the beach to their own back yard.  They took some oyster shells, starfish, sea glass, a bit of water, a lot of sand and a boatload of creativity.  Put it all together and VOILA!,  “Davis Beach.”

According to the article at  Capital Annapolis couple spent last month transforming their townhome backyard into a 30-foot by 15-foot seashore, complete with three sand dunes, sea grass, oyster shells, starfish, sea glass, pilings, a small patch of artificial grass and tiki lights.”

Rick and Lou Ann are an inspiration to landlocked beach lovers everywhere.  I loved everything about this story and the accompanying pictures.  You don’t need to take my word for it, though.  You can go see for yourself the amazing transformation from town home backyard to beach lover’s paradise. Now that’s extreme beach treasure crafting!!

I find myself wondering how I can get on the guest list for their next beach bash??

No, this is not “Davis Beach”! (Photo by Maxvelt2/Wikimedia Commons -Balneario de Tuquillo)

…Just kidding! This is not a photo of “Davis Beach”, but that would be some extreme beach landscaping!

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