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Last Minute Christmas Decorating and Gift Ideas from Our Beach Bag!

Posted by Jody on December 21, 2017

Last Minute Rush? No Worries!

Here are a few of seaside themed gift and decorating ideas we have stashed in our beach bag. We’ve supplied the links. Simply add your own touches and some imagination for fabulous giftable treasures!

How about some good old fashioned family seashell craft time with these Festive Seashell Caroler and Angel Ornaments? You’ll be making fabulous new memories and happily reliving your beach vacations at the same time. Just remember to keep some for yourself!


Seashell Caroler and Angel Ornaments


Do you know someone who could use the gift of a beach escape? This super cute desktop Zen Beach will do the trick: Get Away Every Day! Do-It-Yourself Mini Zen Beach ~

Do-It-Yourself Zen Beach

Do-It-Yourself Zen Beach


Children of all ages love gifting their own seashell creations! You can join in the fun by building on these grandkid-inspired ideas: Seashell Crafting for All Ages!


Seashell Christmas Crafting with the Kids!


Christmas cookies anyone? You can’t beat these yummy and Festive Sand Dollar Cookies. Better make extra because they won’t last through Christmas morning!

Festive Sand Dollar Cookies

Festive Sand Dollar Cookies


Now, if you are really and truly out of time, try these super simple beachy tree baubles! You can’t go wrong when Mother Nature has already made your Christmas ornaments. Simply add pretty ribbon to your beach treasures and decorate your tree with natural beauty! (Rock Barnacles)

Rock Barnacles

Rock Barnacles as Christmas Ornaments

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

from all of us at Beach Treasures and Treasure!


Do you have any beach themed decorating or crafting ideas to pass along? We’d sure like to hear about them. We simply love to share!

Many thanks for visiting our little blog!





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Posted by E.G.D. on February 1, 2015

Art by Liam and Oona, photo by E.G.D.

Art by Liam and Oona, photo by E.G.D.

To quote my niece, Oona, from a previous post about Sylvan Beach, “What we are going to do is making crafts out of the shells, like necklaces, and like paper and shells art, and coloring the shells on the paper with the shells.”  She elaborated on this brilliant idea a few days later.  She insisted that we make paper plate shell Frisbees, and she brilliantly decided that these shell-plate-Frisbees should be given to her daddy for his birthday.

What I especially appreciate about this delightfully original craft idea is that Liam and Oona had totally different approaches to the project.  As you can see in the photo above, Oona made a sort of collage with craft paper and shells, and Liam made a cute-patoot smiley-face.  They were both, not unnaturally, very proud of their work, and they agreed to let me share these with the viewing public here at Beach Treasures and Treasure Beaches.  Fun, right?  Incidentally, their dad thought these projects were pretty cool, too, which was a very large part of the point!

The kids with their projects (photo by E.G.D.)

The kids with their projects (photo by E.G.D.)

Aaaaaaaaaaaand because Oona was the founder of this brilliant idea, she asked that she have a picture with her plate Frisbee and without her brother:

The mastermind behind this craft (photo by E.G.D.)

The mastermind behind this craft (photo by E.G.D.)

Tada!  We hope you enjoy the fruits of our shell-hunting labor.  See you at the beach- E.G.D.

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Happy Beachy Birthday, Jody!

Posted by E.G.D. on November 13, 2014

As some of you might know, today is Jody’s birthday!  If you do not know who Jody is, you probably haven’t been reading our site for very long, because most of the articles we post are written by her.  Even in articles not written by her, we usually use her photographs. Anyhow, in honor of her birthday, I originally attempted to make a broach out of shells from Gulf of Mexico beaches we have visited together, but the resultant product was 1) way too big and 2) way too delicate to turn into a functional piece of jewelry.  So, I turned it into an art piece, instead!  Here it is: Mama Shell Doesn’t she look like she has a face?  And like she’s ready for the big birthday party dance/ball/cocktail party?  In maybe the 1920s?  Anyhow, all of these shells were collected on Gulf of Mexico beaches in Texas and Louisiana.  I hope you all enjoy my art project, especially Jody (who also happens to be my Mommy).  Happy Birthday! -E.G.D.

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Christmas Tree by the Sea

Posted by Jody on December 25, 2013

Greg and I spotted this beautiful shades-of-the-sea Christmas tree at the Hotel del Coronado in sunny Southern California.  It was tucked away near the downstairs shops by a little snack bar. I’m so glad we went exploring! This fabulous Christmas tree was chock-full of wonderful ideas for a very crafty new year!

“O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree,
Much pleasure doth thou bring me!” ♫

~ O Christmas Tree, Traditional Christmas Carol

Best wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a many, many happy beachy days in the New Year!


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Seashell Crafting for All Ages!

Posted by Jody on December 4, 2013

An oldie but a goodie! 🙂

Beach Treasures and Treasure Beaches

Crafting with seashells is great fun any time of the year, but during the hectic holidays, setting aside time for making seashell Christmas ornaments with the kids is even better!

Seashell crafting has unlimited possibilities.  When you take out seashells from your last vacation, you bring back those special family memories of times together at the seashore.  By crafting seashell Christmas ornaments, you’ll be making fun new memories to go along with the old, and they are sure to last a lifetime, too!

You’ll need those very special seashells, glue (A glue gun works well but requires close adult supervision), old buttons (possibly themed buttons), ribbons, bows, scrap fabric and “this and that” from your crafty drawer.  We picked up some little straw doll hats and googly eyes especially for this seashell crafting party.  All of these things are available at your local craft store, super center, or fabric store.  They…

View original post 326 more words

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Seashells and Glue Guns: A Weekend Project!

Posted by Jody on September 6, 2013

Seashell Framed Mirror

Seashell Framed Mirror

How cool is this? Our coastal friend Southern Sea Muse photographed this intriguing seashell framed mirror in an urgent care clinic in Daphne, Alabama. She was very kindly thinking of our fellow beach lover Eunice (aka: nutsfortreasure) at Living and Lovin who had commented on our recent “Got Driftwood?” post (featuring a driftwood framed mirror). ~Eunice, did you find that glue gun yet?~

Many, many thanks to Southern Sea Muse for sharing with us!

Ladies and gentlemen, start your glue guns!

It’s your turn to show us your beach-crafty side! 🙂


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Mele Kalikimaka lā ‘Oe: A Beach Treasures and Treasure Beaches Last-minute Gift Guide

Posted by alainaflute on December 17, 2012

Rock Barnacle Found Beachcombing at Newport, Oregon (Photo ©Jody Diehl)

Haven’t finished your shopping yet? You could be cutting it pretty close! Never fear, though, because you can still get or make these fun, beachy gifts before the holiday.

We’ve divided the gifting ideas into two categories: one for people with ready-access to the beach and one for those who live too far away to get there and back before Christmas. Many of these ideas are described in greater detail somewhere else on this website, so I’ve added the links so you can take a closer look!

For those of us living by the beach:

There is still time to make some lovely crafts to give, decorate your tree, or to jazz up your gifts!

1. Find a number of shells (or stones) from the beach that have a hole made by Mother Nature. Thread some ribbon through them for a quick and easy gift decoration or ornament. You could also make a very giftable pendant by this same technique.

A happy (limpet) memory for our Christmas tree!

2. The sea shell salt shaker: always a lovely and thoughtful gift. Head over to your local Target, Walmart, or wherever clear, glass shakers of all sizes are sold. Depending on the yield of your sandy shores, pick an appropriate shaker size for your current collection or head to the beach. Simply scoop up some shells and smooth beach glass! Be extra careful to make sure you only take home shells that have lost their residents. At home, you may want to clean the shells and set them out to dry. Place them piece by piece into the shaker to give it a personal touch. We often cover the top of the glass with plastic wrap before screwing on the cap, or you can cut out a bit of thin card stock, so that the shaker won’t leak shell bits if upturned. Tie a ribbon bow to the top to give it a festive touch!

"On Display" by Jody Diehl

Salt Shakers “On Display”

3. A short while ago, Jody and E.G.D. had a wonderful project of turning large bivalve shells into angels and carolers. Everything you need to know is here.

Seashell Christmas Ornaments (Photo by Jody Diehl)

Seashell Christmas Ornaments (Photo ©Jody Diehl)

4. A fun idea for children to make and give is the classic Beach in a Bottle. This thoughtful and inexpensive gift can stay on Nana’s shelf year-round.

For those of us living far from the sea:

If the receiver of your holiday gift-giving merriment is a fellow beach-lover, then here are some ideas to help share the love for those of us who can’t get to the beach.

1. Cookies! Homemade Christmas goodies always make wonderful gifts. You should be able to find beach-themed cookie cutters at a local cooking store (for us, it’s Now We’re Cooking). You have free rein: the sky is the limit to your creativity! You can decorate gingerbread seashell shapes or simply make a sugar cookie you can decorate with fun, Sunset Tellin seashell colored icing (or any color, for that matter).

Sand Dollar Cookies Heading into the Oven

If you don’t have a specialty store with an extensive cookie cutter selection nearby, you can easily make the “Festive Sand Dollar Cookies” that Jody made last week. We’ve been eating them happily for days!

2. If you’d rather buy than make, that’s perfectly okay! A candle is a  beach-inspired gift you can buy. Yankee Candle makes a variety of beach scents: Beach Walk, Beach Wood, Christmas at the Beach, Coconut Bay, Pink Sands, and Sun & Sand. A plus of going to Yankee Candle is that you can mix and match a dozen votive candles, so you can gift a variety of scents. If you don’t have a Yankee Candle store nearby, you might be able to find what you’re looking for at Cracker Barrel or Kohl’s (they both carry Yankee brand along with other brands). You can also shop online, but it will cost a little more in shipping to have it arrive on time.

3. Give the gift of music this holiday! One way to get into the Christmas spirit is to listen to your holiday favorites. Here are some CDs that remind us of the holidays and the sunny seashore with links to Amazon (only so you can see the album covers, not because we endorse shopping at Amazon).

The Beach Boys: Merry Christmas from The Beach Boys/Christmas with The Beach Boys/The Beach Boys’ Christmas Album

From Hawaii: Hawaiian Slack Key Christmas/Kī hō ‘alu Christmas Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar/Hawaiian Style Christmas/Hawaiian Style Christmas 2

Hopefully our list got you thinking of more holiday gift ideas! Please feel free to share them with us in the comment section. We’d love to hear about your last-minute and beachy gifting ideas!

Mele Kalikimaka lā ‘Oe!


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Festive Seashell Caroler and Angel Ornaments

Posted by Jody on December 5, 2012

Easy Christmas Ornaments: Seashell Angels and Carolers

Easy Christmas Ornaments: Seashell Carolers and Angels

Here’s a quick and easy idea for family-time creativity and crafting! Seashell Christmas angels and carolers are just perfect for the Fraser Fir, and they’ll add seaside style when hung on drawer pulls and cabinet knobs for the rest of the year!

Elisa and I had a blast last week putting these little seashell Christmas angel and caroler ornaments together.

List of doodads and tools we used for our evening of holiday fun:
□ seashells: scallops, oysters, cockles, etc.
□ wooden beads
□ 1/8 inch ribbon on spools
□ pipe cleaners
□ pre-made ribbon flowers
□ rickrack
□ glitter and glitter glue
□ buttons of all sizes
□ permanent markers (or craft paints)
□ hot glue gun and glue sticks
□ scissors

~Click on the photos to enlarge and scroll through~

Hairdos and faces were drawn on some of the wooden beads with permanent markers. A few of the angels have glitter glue painted on their seashell skirts. Buttons were used as hats. Halos and arms were made from pipe cleaners. We made our angels’ wings by simply looping the ribbon around a hand a few times and tying the center with a knot.
Just to be sure, a few the of the seashell ornaments were stabilized by hot gluing buttons to the backs of the figures (where the seashells met).

There we have it: festive, fun seashell Christmas ornaments and year-round seashore keepsakes!

Here are a few more ideas for using your beach treasures as Christmas tree ornaments:

Seashell Crafting for All Ages

Shellabrating Christmas in July

Rock Barnacles and Rough Keyhole Limpets: Ready-made Ornaments

Merry Christmas and Happy Crafting from our family to yours!


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Seashell Wallflowers! Display Your Beach Treasures.

Posted by E.G.D. on November 24, 2012

~From our Oldies but Goodies Collection~

Aloha, all!  Jody came to the conclusion recently that it was high time we had a easy seashell craft post, and I quite agree.  So, while she sets to work on a very spiffy bit of beachy embroidery (embellished with beach treasures, of course!), I have decided to make wallflowers.  “What do wallflowers have to do with the beach?”  you might ask, and it is a perfectly valid question.  The answer is: I made framed and matted seashell wall hangings out of Jody and Greg’s Sanibel Island, Florida beachcombing finds.  I arranged the seashells in the shape of flowers.

This was a delightfully easy process that I’m sure any person with a lot of seashells on his or her hands could manage.  What you’ll need, if you’re planning to do this project yourself, is a nice frame, some card-stock or matting, seashells, and a hot glue gun.

For my first seashell wallflower, I used two pieces of matting with ovals cut out of the middle and a bit of natural-looking brown paper in a nice, dark brown frame.  Check it out!

Wallflower Number 1 (craft and photo by E.G.D.)

For this one, I used a lightning whelk as a sort of vase or base for the seashell flower arrangement.  Shell fragments made for quite shiny and metallic-looking leaves, and some conch shells made for flower petals.  I think the middle of the flower is a shark eye snail shell.  Please bear in mind that ANY of these shells can be substituted by whatever you happen to have in your collection.  Case in point, here’s the second seashell flower arrangement I put together:

Wallflower Number 2 (craft and photo by E.G.D.)

This is set in a dollar-store (Daiso 100-yen store, actually) photo frame I bought a long time ago in Japan.  The background is a recycled, folded greeting card envelope.  Notice that the effect is more or less the same as my first project, but none of the seashells are the same!  That’s the great thing about such a simple craft.  No two of your seashell flower wall hangings will ever be the same!  I was thinking that a whole series of these would look great on a bathroom wall, and really, these would make for amazingly thoughtful and low-cost holiday gifts for those of you who are looking to go D.I.Y. with your gifting this year.  Alternately, if you substituted white glue for the hot glue, this would be a great easy seashell craft for the whole family to enjoy.  My little niece and nephew always have a ball doing this sort of thing.

So, happy seashell crafting, everyone!  Rather than link the above images to the store (our usual policy for our copyrighted images), I left them linked to significantly larger versions of the images.  Please feel free to use them as a reference, but please don’t use them for anything else without writing to us and asking for permission.  If you have any questions, or if you’d like to share your thoughts on this project, please leave a comment!  We’d love to hear from you.  – E.G.D.

An oldie but a goodie! Originally posted on October 27, 2011


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3D Beach Treasure Picture Frame by KK

Posted by Jody on November 18, 2012

Today’s Awesome Crafter and Featured Writer is Fellow Blogger KK @ KnowledgeKnut

When I stumbled upon Jody’s blog (or maybe it was vice versa) I thought how fun it would be to submit a craft project for beach treasures that I was in the process of doing.  I also thought it would give me the push (read shove) to finish it!

Photo by KK @ KnowledgeKnut

So, I have a series of pictures to accompany the steps.  Even though I purchased this frame at Pier One, it would be incredibly easy to make.  The frame is 1 ¼ thick, 21” tall, 18” wide.  The wire could be replicated by using wire coat hangers (remember those?).  You can paint the frame any color you like, even to compliment or contrast your décor.  Consider what I will be showing you as something similar to a basic cookie dough recipe.  You can change it up any way you want!

I actually got two frames from Pier One for 50% off each.  They were marked down because the little clothes pins had been lost.  I simply went to a craft store, purchased a bag of small pins and painted them the colors I wanted.

Then I sat looking at the frames for a long time wondering what in the heck I was going to do with them.  My initial thought was B&W photos, but I don’t really have any of those and I don’t want vintage ones of people I don’t know!  So I finally settled on beach treasures.  Lord knows I have enough of them around the house.  But after I fixed up the clothes pins and attached the shells and things, it looked so blah.  That was when I came up with idea for a three dimensional look.

Photo by KK @ KnowledgeKnut

What I really want is a vintage map of Point Reyes Beach, Sir Francis Drake Beach, etc.  These maps can run high ($$$), so my girlfriend found something else for me.  She says this is drawer liner (very nice weight).  Subsequently, I decided to give that a try for now.  The other thing I needed was something for the front of the frame.  I found vintage, used fishing net (not fishy), for a really great price on e-Bay (what can’t you find on e-Bay?).  I’m all set, ready?

3D Picture Frame(s)

The frames measure 21” T x 18” x W 1 ¼” thick.  I would imagine that any width of wood would work, and you can make it whatever size you need.  For informational purposes, these frames have 9 slots (for want of a better word).  The wire used is approximately the thickness of a wire hanger, perhaps a bit thicker, but it is really not necessary to go that thick.

Photo by KK @ KnowledgeKnut

1.  First thing I did was go to the craft store for those clothes pins.  Then I painted them.  As you can see from the finished picture – I can’t count – I left one out!

Photo by KK @ KnowledgeKnut

2.  The next thing I did was play around with the beach treasures.  Some things were too heavy, some things hung funny, some things looked funny and I wanted a mix of sizes, shapes and objects.

3.  I attached the painted, dried, pins.  I noticed this could be done a couple of ways and am still playing around with that.  Then I got my supplies in order:  beach treasures, backing, netting, tape and staple gun.

Photo by KK @ KnowledgeKnut

4.  I played around with the layout of the map (backing) versus the placement of the treasures for maximum effect.

Photo by KK @ KnowledgeKnut

5.  I marked where I needed to cut the backing and then temporarily taped it to the frame.  This way I can make sure it is straight, before I staple gun it to the frame.

Photo by KK @ KnowledgeKnut

6.  Depending upon how I want the net, I may attach the treasures first, then place the net on top or work the net into some of the treasures so things look tangled.  Still playing with that idea.

Photo by KK @ KnowledgeKnut

7.  Finished (almost) look!  Lots of fun and I am getting ready to do my second frame!

Photo by KK @ KnowledgeKnut

Jody’s note: Wow! What a creative way to display and decorate with beach treasures!  Wouldn’t this be the perfect gift for the beach enthusiast on your list? Imagine the possibilities.

KK, thank you so much for sharing your amazing creativity with us! 


About KK:  Just this week, I made my acting debut at Stage 3 in Sonora, in the production of Brighton Beach Memoirs by Neil Simon. I also recently did a radio show on breast cancer, attended an awesome, local, empowerment retreat , am creating a very popular blog, wrote an article for my local paper, The Union Democrat, and am working on publishing my first book. My curiosity is boundless, which has led me on a very interesting life path. Let me show you.

I currently hold degrees or certificates in the following fields: Master Gardener; Educational Therapist Certification (well almost); Foundation Certificate in Gemmology (Great Britain); BA in Law Studies; Paralegal Certificate; AA in Language & Literature and; Gourmet Cooking & Catering Certificate.   I speak 6 languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Farsi), some of them very poorly, but at least I can find the restroom!

Please come visit me, I can promise to put a smile on your face, or maybe even make you laugh. You may stumble across one of my “thinking” posts or may simply be entertained by the photography. Either way, I promise it will be fun!


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