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Aloha from Hilo

Posted by E.G.D. on April 2, 2015

Black sand and kayaks (photo © Jody Diehl)

Black sand and kayaks (photo © Jody Diehl)

We started the day on the Big Island of Hawaii with a kayak tour of Hilo Bay, crossing the bay and riding the swells. We ended the crossing going up river to a secluded cove with banyan trees and multiple waterfalls that used to serve as power to sugar mills. We returned to the black sand beach along Hilo Bay Beachfront Park before lunch and went back to change and eat on the ship.

Having been to the Big Island before, we decided to simply tour on foot  the rest of the day. The Hilo Port/Bay area is dotted with numerous beach parks and small secluded coves for swimming, paddle boarding, picnicking, fishing, and boating.

We finished our day with swimming at Reeds Bay Beach Park, where families were settled in for a day of fun in the sun. There were picnickers, paddle boarders, swimmers, and canoeists all enjoying the clean little coral strewn shoreline. A local told us about the Wailoa River that meets the sea here and produces the cold water pooling in the “Ice Pond.’ The cold water combines with very warm water produced by the underwater lava vents. You swim from cold to warm and back to cold with each stroke. Pretty neat!

Have a wonderful day! – Jody & Greg

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Honolulu, How Do You Do?

Posted by E.G.D. on March 15, 2015

This actually comes earlier in the Jody-and-Greg cruise timeline than Samoa… they swung through Honolulu, a city with which I am intimately acquainted ^_^.  Hawaii probably needs no introduction for followers of this site, so without further ado, here are some beautiful photographs!

Iconic (Photo © Jody Diehl)

Iconic (Photo © Jody Diehl)

It not only hurts your foot, it can kill the coral! As always, mind the sign! (Photo © Jody Diehl)

It not only hurts your foot, it can kill the coral! As always, mind the sign! (Photo © Jody Diehl)

Long Shadows (Photo © Jody Diehl)

Long Shadows (Photo © Jody Diehl)

Diamond Head (Photo © Jody Diehl)

Diamond Head (Photo © Jody Diehl)

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Staying Safe During Hawaii’s “Two Seasons”

Posted by Jody on October 22, 2013

Aloha! This is some really wonderful information from one of my favorite sites.
Stay safe & have a great day at the beach! ~Jody

Pacific Island National Parks

(The following article courtesy National Weather Service Honolulu Office Website )

Hawaii’s Ocean Awareness Week: October 21st – 25th, 2013

Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie’s Proclamation for Ocean Awareness Week

Weather and surf are distinguished by two distinct seasons in Hawaii. The surf seasons generally follow the seasonal changes in the weather pattern across the North-Central Pacific Ocean. The dry season in Hawaii runs from May through September, while the wet season runs from October through April.

During the dry season, long period south swells are most common. These swells are generated by storm systems churning away in the southern hemisphere to the east of Australia and New Zealand. Two distinct zones of storm generation are favorable for south swell development. The most favorable location is in the area just east of New Zealand, while a second less consistent area is located between Australia and New Zealand. The south swells travel nearly…

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The Islands of the Mo’o (Hawaiian Lizard)

Posted by E.G.D. on March 1, 2013

Today’s Featured Guest Writer is Walter Wong:

On La'ie Bay (Photo by Walter Wong)

On La’ie Bay (Photo by Walter Wong)

Aloha from the Islands of Hawaii.  As a son of a Fisherman, I grew up swimming along with my father as he would spear fish for family meals.  It was a very special place I felt as “La’ie Bay”, located on the Northeastern tip of the island of O’ahu,  contained several islands which if assembled, would depict a giant Lizard or Mo’o as we say in Hawaiian.

My two sons and a Mo'o head (photo by Walter Wong)

My two sons and a Mo’o head (photo by Walter Wong)

The picture of my two sons shows the head of the giant Mo’o in the back ground with the hole representing the eye.  It was special to share this with my sons as we live on the Big Island of Hawaii.  All they could ask was “are there sharks Dad?”.   Soon, it will be time for me to give them the knowledge of swimming to the different islands of the Mo’o so they will know where and how to care for their families when the time comes.  In the mean time, I will watch and observe the ocean for the right conditions, and their journey will begin.  Aloha!

About the Author: Walter Wong is a Native Hawaiian who grew up in Laie, Oahu, Hawaii, now residing on the Big Island of Hawaii. He is the father of 8 children and the Owner of HawaiianUp.  He enjoys sharing stories about Hawaii and helping people to make their own memories.


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And many more! -E.G.D.

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A Word a Week Photo Challenge – Cloud

Posted by Jody on January 9, 2013

Just Another Morning in Paradise

Morning in Paradise, Waikiki Beach

Many folks who visit the Hawaiian island of Oahu just can’t wait to see the much ballyhooed Waikiki sunsets. And, yes, Waikiki’s sunsets really are worth the wait. But we morning people get to begin the day in paradise with another one of Mother Nature’s most unique and beautiful spectacles: the sunrise over Diamondhead. Sunrises on Waikiki Beach come with the extra bonus of having a peaceful, uncrowded shoreline almost entirely to yourself.

Waikiki Sunrise

Waikiki Sunrise

Set your alarm. You won’t want to miss this!

A Word a Week Photo Challenge – Cloud


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The Ultimate Hawaii Seashell Guide

Posted by E.G.D. on October 18, 2012

Aloha, everyone!  The University of Hawaii and I are both pleased to announce that the Hawaii Marine Shell Collection  is 100% digitized and online.  This has apparently been the case since 2010, but I had no idea this project was even in the making until Mom (Jody) sent an excerpt from this semester’s College of Arts and Sciences newsletter my way (she is on their mailing list because she has participated in Kennedy Theatre fundraising events, you see).  Regardless of when the collection was completed and posted, the whole Beach Treasures and Treasure Beaches staff agrees that this development is a truly awesome one, and now that it has come to our attention, we felt it was our duty to bring it to yours!  There is no greater authority on Hawaiian seashells than my graduate Alma Mater, and now the whole world has access to a brilliant photographic guide to very nearly every shell they might encounter on a Hawaiian beach.

Haleʻiwa, Oahu, Hawaii – Beachcombing

According to the University of Hawaii Museum’s Flickr page, “The collection is currently housed in the Anthropology Department, Archaeology Program, College of Arts and Sciences. The collection is fairly comprehensive for much of the shell midden material found in Hawaiian sites… (and) supports undergraduate education through various Archaeology courses.”

The photographic guide provides not only stunning images of “nearly 200 species of marine mollusks” (according to the College of Arts and Sciences newsletter) all with the shells sitting conveniently next to a ruler for size reference, but in most cases information including scientific name, common name, habitat, and the typical adult size of the pictured mollusk.  What fun!  I can’t wait to ferret out information about some of the shells I’ve found on the coast of Oahu over the years!

North Shore Beachcombing, Oahu, Hawaii

And so, happy beachcombing, everyone, and when you’re finished with your day on a Hawaiian beach, don’t forget to have some fun identifying your finds!  -E.G.D.

Jody’s note:  If you’re looking for the best beachcombing beaches of the Hawaiian Islands, we have that, too: “Best Hawaiian Beaches for Shells.” You might also want to check out more Hawaiian beach posts by looking through our category: “Beaches of the Hawaiian Islands.”

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