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You know you’re in trouble when…

Posted by Jody on September 4, 2018



Hurricane Warning

Jim Cantore is back in town. Yes siree, his plane landed in Gulfport, Mississippi, last night and within minutes everyone on the coast seemed to know we had this famous visitor on our doorstep again. (Let’s just say that “sharing” appeared to be near an all time high.) All of us know exactly why he’s here. And it’s not for a fabulous beach vacation! Don’t get me wrong. We like Jim Cantore and the Weather Channel just fine in these parts. Southern hospitality aside, we simply don’t want to have Jim Cantore reporting from our front yard.

Today’s the day the fine folks of the Mississippi Gulf Coast prepare for the arrival of Hurricane Gordon. Gordon is expected to make landfall just down the street somewhere near eight o’clock this evening so Greg and I drove along the beach to the Gulfport Harbor and Marina to see post Labor Day weekend activity and just how the storm preparations were coming along.

Tropical Storm Gordon or Hurricane Gordon? One thing is certain: the winds had already picked up along the coast this morning.


Flying High at the Harbor Master’s Offices

The beachy pink trash cans were already being staged for pick up by the county. Standard operating procedure is that they are rounded up and removed for fear they’ll blow away and cause trouble.


Staged for Pickup



Trash Can Removal

The Gulfport Harbor and Marina had a mandatory evacuation order put in place yesterday in preparation for what was then expected to be Tropical Storm Gordon. Most boatowners had already obeyed the order by this morning. There were just a few sail boats left behind though.


Empty Marina at Gulfport Harbor

The trailer buildings like the bait shop and fuel dock office were being prepped for removal and transport to a safer place.


Moving Operations for the Bait Shop

I offhandedly asked Greg if he could imagine how much it must cost to move your trailer/store like that. He quickly pointed out,”Cheaper than a new trailer!”

I’m sure he had that right!


Moving the Bait Shop

This lovely Great Blue Heron was just hanging out on the beach watching the activity too!



We thought he might be waiting to see the fuel dock building carted off next:

Watching the operations

Watching the Activity

The water in the Mississippi Sound was already churning up a little darker:


Murky Waters

But, for this morning, we still have fabulous sunshiny skies ahead of Hurricane Gordon. It’s the calm before the storm that we’ve always heard about!


Calm Before the Storm

We’ll be sure to post an update after our unwanted visitor (Gordon, not Jim) heads out of town tomorrow.

Please take care and stay safe everyone!

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