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The Islands of the Mo’o (Hawaiian Lizard)

Posted by E.G.D. on March 1, 2013

Today’s Featured Guest Writer is Walter Wong:

On La'ie Bay (Photo by Walter Wong)

On La’ie Bay (Photo by Walter Wong)

Aloha from the Islands of Hawaii.  As a son of a Fisherman, I grew up swimming along with my father as he would spear fish for family meals.  It was a very special place I felt as “La’ie Bay”, located on the Northeastern tip of the island of O’ahu,  contained several islands which if assembled, would depict a giant Lizard or Mo’o as we say in Hawaiian.

My two sons and a Mo'o head (photo by Walter Wong)

My two sons and a Mo’o head (photo by Walter Wong)

The picture of my two sons shows the head of the giant Mo’o in the back ground with the hole representing the eye.  It was special to share this with my sons as we live on the Big Island of Hawaii.  All they could ask was “are there sharks Dad?”.   Soon, it will be time for me to give them the knowledge of swimming to the different islands of the Mo’o so they will know where and how to care for their families when the time comes.  In the mean time, I will watch and observe the ocean for the right conditions, and their journey will begin.  Aloha!

About the Author: Walter Wong is a Native Hawaiian who grew up in Laie, Oahu, Hawaii, now residing on the Big Island of Hawaii. He is the father of 8 children and the Owner of HawaiianUp.  He enjoys sharing stories about Hawaii and helping people to make their own memories.


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Oh, We’re Going to Hukilau Beach!

Posted by Jody on March 9, 2012

Aloha!  If you have been to Hawaii, you may have stayed at a beachy resort.  Hawaiian resorts often offer lots of cultural activities for their guests, and one of the customary workshops is a hula lesson.  If you’ve taken those hula lessons, you may have danced to the Hukilau Song.  I know we have!

Hukilau (hoo kee lau) Beach Park on Laie Bay, Oahu, Hawaii

Hukilau Beach Park was a really fun find for us.  We didn’t know there was a beach named for the “hukilau,” an ancient Hawaiian way of fishing  that involves a large number of people casting a net from the shore. We found Hukilau Beach on the (almost obligatory) Circle Island Tour that we tourists tend to drive on each visit to Oahu!  Hukilau Beach, located on Lā′ie Bay, is a beautiful stretch of sand with absolutely gorgeous island vistas. It’s the ultimate, peaceful setting to have a picnic beneath windswept trees. Take a break along the way and enjoy the postcard perfect panorama.

Beautiful Hukilau Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

The Hukilau Song

Oh we’re going to a Hukilau

A huki huki huki huki Hukilau

Everybody loves the Hukilau

Where the laulau is the kaukau at the lû`au 


We throw our nets out into the sea

And all the `ama`ama come a-swimming to me

Oh, we’re going to a Hukilau

A huki huki huki Hukilau 


What a beautiful day for fishing

That old Hawaiian way

Where the Hukilau nets are swishing

Down in old Lâ`ie bay

~Music and Lyrics by Jack Owens ©1948

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