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A Guide to Beaches in Cyprus

Posted by Jody on August 6, 2013

Today’s Featured Guest Writer is Dan Perdomo. 

A Guide to Beaches in Cyprus

Picture the scene. You’re lying on a beach covered with soft white sand. A thatch parasol shades you from the sun’s glorious rays. In front of you, all you can see is the blueness of the sea meet the equally blue sky with not a cloud in sight. All that can be heard is the gentle lapping of waves coming into shore. Is there anything more relaxing than a beach holiday?

A beach holiday is perfect when you need to take a break and press pause on life. A well deserved break is just what’s needed to allow you to rejuvenate and be able to think clearly. Question is, what destination has the best beaches?

Cyprus would appear in many people’s list of countries with the best beaches in Europe. Don’t be fooled by the islands diminutive size. 57 of its beaches were awarded a Blue Flag – confirmation of the quality and cleanliness – beating its previous record of 56. So it’s fair to say Cyprus is blessed with many exceptional beaches. Here are my picks you just have to visit the next Cyprus holiday you take.

Coral Bay, Cyprus (Photo by Evgeniy Isaev/Flickr)

Coral Bay, Cyprus (Photo by Evgeniy Isaev/Flickr)

Best all-rounder – Coral Bay

Coral Bay is widely considered to be the best beach on the island, evidenced by the number of locals and tourists who pack the area year in year out! It’s no coincidence this beach draws in large numbers of visitors as it has a little something for everyone, whether it’s soft sands, gentle waters or beautiful landscape. Tourism has continued to boom, which means there are plenty of great places to eat and drink, whilst the promenade is lined with luxury hotels and resorts for an extra special holiday.

Nature/Wildlife – Golden Sands Beach

It’s hard to believe there is space for nature or wildlife to be free to enjoy the beach with so many tourists, but there is. Most of the unspoilt beaches can be located on the Karpaz Peninsula in Northern Cyprus. This area is perhaps the only place devoid of developments and, therefore, tourists. While facilities and services are few and far between, it does mean the beach is a safe sanctuary for nature and wildlife to live and grow. Watch nature at its best at Golden Sands Beach – also known as Turtle Bay – where a colonisation of sea turtles lay their blue eggs.

Golden Beach, Cyprus (Photo by Franco Pecchio/Wikipedia)

Golden Beach, Cyprus (Photo by Franco Pecchio/Wikipedia)

Quiet – Green Bay

If you prefer your beach to be a serene and tranquil haven, the small beach of Green Bay is perfect for you. The beach is located south east of the island and is a stark contrast with its noisy neighbour Aiya Napa. Its quiet nature is perhaps down to poor signposting; it can be found just south of Protaras beach. With few visitors around, you’ll be free to read your book in peace, clear your mind or just bask in the beautiful sunshine.

Romantic – Kervansaray Beach

What could be more romantic than a picnic on a beach with gorgeous landscape as far as the eye can see? Any beach in Cyprus could fulfil this scene, but for a truly unique experience, visit Kervansaray Beach. Located around 6km west of the picturesque town of Kyrenia, this pretty and secluded oasis is located in a lovely cove – perfect for hiding away from the world with a loved one.

Family – Makronissos Beach

With 57 Blue Flag beaches to choose from, there’s no shortage of clean and quality beaches for families to visit. One of the best beaches for families has to be Makronissos Beach. It could be said Makronissos Beach is three beaches in one; a long main beach flanked by two smaller bays, all complete with soft sands. But it’s the gently shelving sands into the water that are the main feature and draw for families, meaning safe calm waters to swim in.

About the Author:  Dan Perdomo is a travel blogger and writes about various destinations around the world. He plans to travel the world – when he wins the lottery. Until then, he enjoys booking holidays to Cyprus, his favourite destination in the world.


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Marseille’s Beautiful Mediterranean Coastline

Posted by Jody on March 30, 2012

Beautiful coast, awesome beaches and gorgeous sunsets! Thanks for sharing! ~ Jody

A Man I Am in Amsterdam

Marseille Coast


That is the first thought that comes to one’s mind upon first setting eyes on Marseille’s beautiful Mediterranean coastline. Whether viewed from the beach or the limestone calanques, the Mediterranean Sea shows its true-and-blue colors, and, quite frankly, it’s a stunning sight.

boats in marseille

walkwayMarseille coastMarseille coast

Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean is characterized by its palette of deep blue colors, and this certainly holds true in Marseille. The beautiful sea can be observed from designated walking paths along the coast, but I recommend climbing down a rocky calanque to get a more intimate experience. You might even see some French people lounging, fishing, or picnicking on the limestone.

Marseille Coast

There is also a sandy beach section of the coast, where people play beach volleyball or football (soccer), while large groups of windsurfers cruise the sea behind them.

Marseille beach

Windsurfers in Marseille

Marseille Beach

When all is said and done, there is absolutely no better time to visit the coast than at sunset. Watching…

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Lichnos Beach, The Most Famous Beach in Parga, Greece ~ With Good Reason!

Posted by Jody on March 5, 2012

This is a wonderful post with beautiful photography. We’re grateful to for granting us permission to share it with you. -Enjoy, Jody

Have a great day at the beach!

Parga Hotels | Lichnos Beach Hotel

Lichnos Beach in Parga

Lichnos beach is located 4 km to the South from Parga. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Epirus and by far the most famous beach in Parga Greece. In fact, it is one of those amazing Greek beaches where the deep blue water is combined with the green of the olive groves, all in one picture.

Parga Lichnos Beach

Lichnos beach is sandy and has some large pebbles. Its waters are deep and clean; frankly speaking, it is possible to fish on this beach. You will have the chance to practise some unusual water sports in Lichnos beach, such as diving, scuba diving, jet skiing, snorkeling and surfing. Lichnos has also pedalo rentals which are very entertaining and allow exploring the Ionian Sea with their famous caves around. Those who prefer tranquil activities, like sunbathing, can also feel very comfortable in Lichnos beach in Parga.

Beaches in Parga

There are mini…

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Beaches of Morocco: “Beaches for Every Taste”

Posted by Jody on October 14, 2011

Morocco (Author: Jalal nali/Wikimedia Commons)

Family Post by Alaina Diehl

From the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea, Morocco’s got you covered. Along several thousand kilometers of coastline, visitors can enjoy varied landscapes and activities to help them either unwind or catch the wind. Beaches aren’t one-size fits all, so find out which is right for you at VisitMorocco. In the article, “Beaches for every taste,” this travel site gives you tips on where to go to stay active or just relax and take in the rays of the sun.

Most of the Atlantic beaches of Morocco are described as “long strips of fine sand.” This category includes beaches of Western Sahara, much of which is under Moroccan control. These beaches get hotter as you travel south. Beaches near cities are very popular, but there are spots where visitors can still enjoy unspoiled nature with fewer visitors. The Atlantic beaches of Morocco are great for swimming, sunning, and enjoying water sports. The site’s featured beach in this category is Dakhla Bay, to the south of Morocco. This beach has a consistent year-round water temperature of 25 degrees C and boasts ideal conditions for water sports, such as three kinds of surfing (board, kite, and wind), wakeboarding, and jet skiing. Fishing and diving are other popular activities. Boat rides to the lagoon and surrounding islands show the natural beauty of this soon-to-be national park. The most “unreal” feature of all is having desert sand dunes right next to the sea. The idea of camping in desert dunes and waking up to go surfing seems absolutely out of this world. For the tourist who prefers a resort, Lixus, Mazagan, Taghazout and Plage Blanche are all along the Atlantic.

Dromadaires sur la plage d'Essaouira, Maroc -- Beach on the Atlantic Coast of Morocco (Photo by Witoki/Wikimedia Commons)

The Mediterranean Moroccan beaches between Tangier and Al Hoceima are more divided. These intimate spots boast warm waters and calm seas. The contrast of small traditional fishing villages and seaside resorts really brings out the diversity of lifestyle in modern Morocco. Tamuda Bay is a new coastal resort (on the outskirts of Tétouan and Saidia) that features water sports (inland, tennis and golfing… usually resort-y stuff). Another Mediterranean Moroccan beach destination, Mediterrania-Saida features six kilometers of white sand seafront.

“To remember: Whether you are looking for sunbathing or boarding, Moroccan beaches meet all visitors’ desires.” When it comes to contrasting Moroccan landscapes, you have to see it to believe it.

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Top Ten Beaches in France

Posted by Jody on September 13, 2011

You can’t go wrong when a top 10 list is actually put together by individuals who are true experts in their field.  The Top 10 Beaches in France – the expert’s choice“, published by the Guardian (, were chosen by people who know their beaches.  I especially like that the best beach for water sports was chosen by a world champion funboarder; “the best naturist” (read: nude) beach was selected by someone who literally wrote the book on the subject; and that the best beach for children was really picked by an 8 year old!

The Top 10 beaches in France – the experts’ choice” has something for everyone!

French Riviera (Original work by Markus Bernet, from Wikimedia Commons)

Are you a glamorous movie star or simply into star-gazing? Well then, the sheltered Paloma Plage on the French Riviera is your place in the sun.  It’s apparently the beach where the rich and famous arrive in the bay on their mega yachts.   Paloma Plage comes highly recommended for celebrity-spotting by the Clé d’Or (Gold Key) and Concierge at a luxury hotel in Monte Carlo.

The best beach for diving, L’Ile de Riou in Marseille, was chosen by the secretary general of the main diver training organization of France (the Fédération Française d’Etude et de Sport Sous-Marin, or FFESSM for short). That’s one impressive endorsement! L’Ile de Riou is ideal for swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. It’s a small beach, and it’s only accessible via boat.

The best beach for motor homes and campervans is Plage de Ménéham, Brittany.  Here, in Ménéham, you’ll find white sand beaches and dunes with plenty of opportunities for coastal walks. As an added bonus, overnight parking is free year round for motor home and campervans. Plage de Ménéham is recommended by the editor of a travel book on “Aires” (loosely translated: tourist stopovers) in France.

The best beach for families is a beautifully maintained five mile (8 km) stretch of uncrowded golden sand on the Mediterranean Sea.  Argelès Plage has clear blue water, a shady two mile tree-lined promenade, and the beautiful  Pyrenees Mountains as a backdrop.  It sounds like the on-site beach club for kids is just the icing on the cake for Argelès Plage!

The remaining Top 10 Beaches in France, chosen by “connaisseurs des plages” (beach connoisseurs), are:

Beaulieu-sur-Mer, French Riviera – Best for children

Beaulieu-sur-Mer, French Riviera (By ReqEngineer, from Wikimedia Commons)

Porto-Pollo – Best in Corsica

Baie d’Audierne, Brittany – Best Breton beach

Euronat, Côte d’Argent, Aquitaine – Best naturist  Oh là là!

Plage de l’Almanarre, Hyères, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur – Best for watersports

Côte Sauvage, Poitou-Charentes – Best wild beach

Check out the article on France’s Top 10 Beaches at the Guardian for more info, photos and links.     Bon voyage!

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