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It’s your turn! :-)

Posted by Jody on September 6, 2012

One of my favorite getaway strands is Cannon Beach on the Oregon Coast! The seashore’s soft golden sand is often strewn with driftwood, and awe inspiring Haystack Rock (towering 235 feet above the beach) lends Cannon Beach an amazing natural backdrop.

Looking toward Cannon Beach from Ecola State Park, Oregon

It’s your turn!  🙂 What are your Oregon Coast must-dos? Do you have a great hidden beach? How about a favorite beachcombing spot? Sunset perch? Tidepool cove?

I’m all ears!

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The Graveyard of the Pacific: The Bones of the Peter Iredale (Hammond, Oregon)

Posted by Jody on October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat? Actually, here’s the perfect Halloween treat for beachcombers!

Lewis and Clark National Park is made up of 12 separate park sites located in about a 40-mile stretch of the Northwest Pacific coast from Long Beach, Washington to Cannon Beach, Oregon. Historic Fort Stevens State Park, which is part of the Lewis and Clark National Historic Park, is located just 10 miles west of the Astoria, Oregon (The “Little San Francisco of the Pacific Northwest”). This area is just a portion of the Washington-Oregon coast known as the “Graveyard of the Pacific” due to the treacherous rugged coastline and unpredictable weather which have together resulted in thousands of shipwrecks over the years.  The sandy beach at Fort Stevens State Park is particularly exciting due to the bones of the British ship, the Peter Iredale, which have been resting on the sands since 1906! How cool is that?

Peter Iredale (Photo by Robert Bradshaw/Wikimedia Commons)

Fort Stevens State Park “includes almost 4,000 acres, featuring year-round camping facilities, miles of ocean and river beach, horseback, hiking and biking trails, fishing and swimming lakes, shipwrecks, and sweeping views of Astoria, Youngs Bay, Southwest Washington and the Columbia River mouth. A replica of a Clatsop Indian long house is located on the grounds of Fort Stevens Historical Site. The park also offers a military interpretive museum, the only enclosed Civil War earthworks site on the West Coast, and, in fall, Civil War battle re-enactments.” ( Who could ask for anything more?

To read a brief but very interesting  history of the final voyage (and demise) of the Peter Iredale and  the transcript issued in London by the Board of Trade on the 24th of December 1906, see the  Finding and order of a Naval Court. It’s a great read! The good news: the entire crew was rescued due to the “prompt action of the United States life-saving crew at Hammond in having the lifeboat alongside in heavy surf.”

Happy Halloween from The Graveyard of the Pacific!

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Oceanside Beach, Oregon – Thanks for the Memories!

Posted by Jody on September 16, 2011

When our daughter Kristie attended a conference in Portland, Oregon, I tagged along to play with the grandkids while she attended the sessions.  The breathtaking beaches of the Pacific Northwest Coast are less than a two hour scenic drive from Portland.  So, with only an hour and a half drive to Tillamook, plus a few more minutes to get to Oceanside Beach, we had our day planned.

Beach View of Oceanside, Oregon (Photo by Squelle, from Wikimedia Commons)

Even though I had been to the Oregon Coast on many occasions, I had never been to Oceanside Beach.   We pinpointed the little hamlet on a map, since it is very near the Tillamook Cheese Factory.  So, after enjoying the terrific self-guided tour of this wonderful world of cheese and eating our three course lunch of squeaky cheese (cheese curds), cheese chunks and grilled cheese sandwiches, we packed the kids back into the car and headed for the coast.

Photo ©Jody Diehl

Oceanside, Oregon (Photo ©Jody Diehl)

This was an exciting day!  My grandson Liam, who was 2 ½ years old at the time, had never been to the seashore before. I couldn’t wait for him to dip his toes into the Pacific Ocean! He was so excited when he hit the sand and was soon picking up pieces of broken seashells (He’s a natural!). He was pretty amazed at the expanse of the Pacific and tentatively approached the water.  After some encouragement Liam did indeed touch the ocean. WoooHooo! Oona was there too, but she slept through the seaside excitement, as only a 6 month old could!

The beach at Oceanside, Oregon is long and wide with good, clean castle-building sand.  We didn’t find many take home beach treasures that day, but I hear that the beach is wonderful for agate hunting during the winter, when the ocean currents take sand away.  During the summer it’s great for picnicking, windsurfing, surfing, and exploring the tidepools.

We didn’t come away from beautiful Oceanside Beach, Oregon with a bucket of seashells, but we did take home some very treasured memories!

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