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Last Minute Christmas Decorating and Gift Ideas from Our Beach Bag!

Posted by Jody on December 21, 2017

Last Minute Rush? No Worries!

Here are a few of seaside themed gift and decorating ideas we have stashed in our beach bag. We’ve supplied the links. Simply add your own touches and some imagination for fabulous giftable treasures!

How about some good old fashioned family seashell craft time with these Festive Seashell Caroler and Angel Ornaments? You’ll be making fabulous new memories and happily reliving your beach vacations at the same time. Just remember to keep some for yourself!


Seashell Caroler and Angel Ornaments


Do you know someone who could use the gift of a beach escape? This super cute desktop Zen Beach will do the trick: Get Away Every Day! Do-It-Yourself Mini Zen Beach ~

Do-It-Yourself Zen Beach

Do-It-Yourself Zen Beach


Children of all ages love gifting their own seashell creations! You can join in the fun by building on these grandkid-inspired ideas: Seashell Crafting for All Ages!


Seashell Christmas Crafting with the Kids!


Christmas cookies anyone? You can’t beat these yummy and Festive Sand Dollar Cookies. Better make extra because they won’t last through Christmas morning!

Festive Sand Dollar Cookies

Festive Sand Dollar Cookies


Now, if you are really and truly out of time, try these super simple beachy tree baubles! You can’t go wrong when Mother Nature has already made your Christmas ornaments. Simply add pretty ribbon to your beach treasures and decorate your tree with natural beauty! (Rock Barnacles)

Rock Barnacles

Rock Barnacles as Christmas Ornaments

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

from all of us at Beach Treasures and Treasure!


Do you have any beach themed decorating or crafting ideas to pass along? We’d sure like to hear about them. We simply love to share!

Many thanks for visiting our little blog!





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Posted by E.G.D. on February 1, 2015

Art by Liam and Oona, photo by E.G.D.

Art by Liam and Oona, photo by E.G.D.

To quote my niece, Oona, from a previous post about Sylvan Beach, “What we are going to do is making crafts out of the shells, like necklaces, and like paper and shells art, and coloring the shells on the paper with the shells.”  She elaborated on this brilliant idea a few days later.  She insisted that we make paper plate shell Frisbees, and she brilliantly decided that these shell-plate-Frisbees should be given to her daddy for his birthday.

What I especially appreciate about this delightfully original craft idea is that Liam and Oona had totally different approaches to the project.  As you can see in the photo above, Oona made a sort of collage with craft paper and shells, and Liam made a cute-patoot smiley-face.  They were both, not unnaturally, very proud of their work, and they agreed to let me share these with the viewing public here at Beach Treasures and Treasure Beaches.  Fun, right?  Incidentally, their dad thought these projects were pretty cool, too, which was a very large part of the point!

The kids with their projects (photo by E.G.D.)

The kids with their projects (photo by E.G.D.)

Aaaaaaaaaaaand because Oona was the founder of this brilliant idea, she asked that she have a picture with her plate Frisbee and without her brother:

The mastermind behind this craft (photo by E.G.D.)

The mastermind behind this craft (photo by E.G.D.)

Tada!  We hope you enjoy the fruits of our shell-hunting labor.  See you at the beach- E.G.D.

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Seashell Crafting for All Ages!

Posted by Jody on December 4, 2013

An oldie but a goodie! 🙂

Beach Treasures and Treasure Beaches

Crafting with seashells is great fun any time of the year, but during the hectic holidays, setting aside time for making seashell Christmas ornaments with the kids is even better!

Seashell crafting has unlimited possibilities.  When you take out seashells from your last vacation, you bring back those special family memories of times together at the seashore.  By crafting seashell Christmas ornaments, you’ll be making fun new memories to go along with the old, and they are sure to last a lifetime, too!

You’ll need those very special seashells, glue (A glue gun works well but requires close adult supervision), old buttons (possibly themed buttons), ribbons, bows, scrap fabric and “this and that” from your crafty drawer.  We picked up some little straw doll hats and googly eyes especially for this seashell crafting party.  All of these things are available at your local craft store, super center, or fabric store.  They…

View original post 326 more words

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Festive Seashell Caroler and Angel Ornaments

Posted by Jody on December 5, 2012

Easy Christmas Ornaments: Seashell Angels and Carolers

Easy Christmas Ornaments: Seashell Carolers and Angels

Here’s a quick and easy idea for family-time creativity and crafting! Seashell Christmas angels and carolers are just perfect for the Fraser Fir, and they’ll add seaside style when hung on drawer pulls and cabinet knobs for the rest of the year!

Elisa and I had a blast last week putting these little seashell Christmas angel and caroler ornaments together.

List of doodads and tools we used for our evening of holiday fun:
□ seashells: scallops, oysters, cockles, etc.
□ wooden beads
□ 1/8 inch ribbon on spools
□ pipe cleaners
□ pre-made ribbon flowers
□ rickrack
□ glitter and glitter glue
□ buttons of all sizes
□ permanent markers (or craft paints)
□ hot glue gun and glue sticks
□ scissors

~Click on the photos to enlarge and scroll through~

Hairdos and faces were drawn on some of the wooden beads with permanent markers. A few of the angels have glitter glue painted on their seashell skirts. Buttons were used as hats. Halos and arms were made from pipe cleaners. We made our angels’ wings by simply looping the ribbon around a hand a few times and tying the center with a knot.
Just to be sure, a few the of the seashell ornaments were stabilized by hot gluing buttons to the backs of the figures (where the seashells met).

There we have it: festive, fun seashell Christmas ornaments and year-round seashore keepsakes!

Here are a few more ideas for using your beach treasures as Christmas tree ornaments:

Seashell Crafting for All Ages

Shellabrating Christmas in July

Rock Barnacles and Rough Keyhole Limpets: Ready-made Ornaments

Merry Christmas and Happy Crafting from our family to yours!


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Get Away Every Day! Do-It-Yourself Mini Zen Beach

Posted by Jody on November 8, 2012

Have you seen those fun little desktop zen gardens?  Well, here’s a do-it-yourself idea for us beach lovers: a desktop mini zen beach!

I actually looked for these little desktop beach kits online and considered buying one, but then realized that I’d rather personalize my own little zen beach.  It’s so easy and lots of fun to put one of these mini beach sets together.

Do-It-Yourself Desktop Zen Beach Accessories (Photo ©Jody Diehl)

For the base, I used an old picture frame with a 6×6 photo opening. Taking the backing off and removing the glass, I cut a piece of a vinyl placemat to size and glued it into the opening. I packed the cardboard squares back into the frame (behind the place mat) and secured the back with the same slip-proof matting. Since I used a blue placemat, I kept cutting and made some surf for the beach, too.

Use your imagination and personalize your own mini zen beach! Sterilized, decorative sand is available at your local craft store. I chose the color of the golden sands of Southern California’s coastline. You may decide on black for the famous black sand beaches of the Big Island, pink to remind you of that amazing trip to the Bahamas, or white sand for the pristine shores of Barbados.

Do-It-Yourself Mini Zen Beach with Sand Castle Christmas Ornament

A sand pail and shovel are the real key here. Little seashells on the beach are a must, in my book. The rest is up to your unlimited creativity.

I used my miniature seashells from Sanibel Island, Florida.  The little pieces of “sea glass” are oven baked, tiny plastic pellets used for “stained glass” Christmas ornaments and sun catchers. A button makes a great little umbrella stand. For mini beachy accessories, head to the toy department, the kids’ Barbie bins or their play room! Find what makes your own desktop beach “zen.”  I found the perfect beach themed doll set at a discount store (she looks just like me). From then on, it was a blast to set up these beach scenes!

Do-It-Yourself Desktop Zen Beach

Do-It-Yourself Desktop Zen Beach (She looks just like me!)

This desktop addition is sure to help you beat those Monday morning blues!  Have fun, change it up, and try to get some work done! 😉

Now you can get away every day with your very own mini zen beach!

Please remember to share us with your friends! You can find us on Facebook at One Shell of a Find.  Thank you!


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Shells and Beads and Cord, Oh My! It’s a Kiddo Playground!

Posted by E.G.D. on September 15, 2012

So, as those of you who read my posts know, my niece and nephew collected a truly amazing number of shells last time our family visited the gulf coast together.  Some of you might recall that particular event ultimately led to my discovery of seashells as a decopage-able item.  Well, a couple weeks ago, I finally decided that something must be done about the fact that all those shells were still in bags and buckets half full of water and sand.  I fished them out of the plastic crate that had been their home for a good number of months, and I spent about an hour one evening and washed them all, laying them out to dry on towels and dumping all the excess sand in the backyard.  Now, I know this may sound like an odd thing for an aunt to do of an evening, but I had a very good reason, and the reason is as follows:  one day, I decided to string some of my beach treasures from the Louisiana Gulf Coast, and my nephew walked into my room and said, “wow, Aunt Elisa!  Those are beautiful.  I hope I can be a great necklace maker like you when I grow up,” and my immediate response was, “Liam, you can be just as good a necklace maker right now.  Here, I’ll show you…” but, what with his being five and a bit flighty, he was out of the room before I could get his hands on my shells.

Now, I won’t say I sprung immediately into action or anything, but I can say that the very next time I found myself in a craft store, I bought a large package of plastic necklace cord and two large packages of miscellaneous plastic beads.  I’m sure you have guessed this by now, but that was the night I went and washed all those shells, and I carefully picked out every one I could find with a proper, natural hole in it.

Well, that was a long story, and I feel I oughtn’t make a long story longer, so I shall present the result to you in pictures, though I am sorry to say that Liam was asleep when I took them (this was seashell necklace evening #2).  However, I did get some good shots of his necklace, and Oona was happy to demonstrate the process for me ^_^.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you can see, this is a simple, fun project for beachcombers of all ages, and the possibilities are endless.  I highly recommend this sort of project to any family of beachgoers.  I absolutely guarantee the little ones will love the entire process, from collecting to stringing!  Happy beach treasure crafting- E.G.D.

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Gulf Coast Pendant Beauties; They Begged to be Strung!

Posted by E.G.D. on August 9, 2012

You know, some seashells just beg to be necklace pendants.  Just think of how many beautiful shells you find on any beach trip that have perfectly placed holes in them, and I’m sure you’ll see what I mean.  Recently, Jody and I drove down to the Louisiana Gulf Coast (sometimes called the Cajun Riviera), and I came home with three shells that found their ways onto chains and cords within the week.

Now, this is a project that anyone and everyone with a steady hand can do.  All I used was a length of chain, a bit of waxed necklace cord, lobster-claw clasps (purchased at a craft store) and a pair of needle nosed pliers.  Alternately, I could have used a “necklace kit,” which they sell pretty much everywhere, including Walmart and Target.  Without further ado, here is the first shell necklace!  It has interesting craters in it, so I call it the moon shell necklace.

I couldn’t have chosen a better place for those holes than the place nature chose for me!

This is the flip side. What a lovely shade of blue!

Here’s a slightly different angle

It hangs so nicely!

This next one I thought looked a little bit like a wing, and I strung it on a piece of waxed cord between two silver-sheen beads.

And finally, this one has a nice natural grunge effect.  It is a thoroughly weathered lightning whelk shell.

Aren’t they fun?  And it only took me about ten minutes per piece, most of which was deciding how long I wanted to make the cord or chain so that the shell would hang nicely.  Goodness knows, I could do this a hundred times over with shells in my collection, and I wouldn’t have to drill a single hole!  Nature does provide.

Happy beach crafting! -E.G.D.

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Garage Sale Inspiration for a Fun Seashell Craft

Posted by Jody on May 11, 2012

Here’s a fun and easy seashell craft idea the whole family can enjoy! This little seashore themed frame was found at a neighborhood garage sale. How’s that for a “Friday Find?”

Garage Sale Inspiration

Simple enough to do – just gather your seashells, beach treasures, craft glue and an old picture frame.  The glass was still in this frame, but this artsy project could easily work without it.  The photo space was covered with a sandy colored burlap fabric, the glass inserted, and then seashells, beads and doodads were glued onto the glass in a spray pattern. You might even consider creating a different, more personalized look with a favorite beach photo as the background instead of the burlap.

What a great weekend activity! The results of this fun and easy seashell art project are limitless. Just set your creativity loose and have a wonderful time!

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Seashell Decoupage: Fun After the Sun!

Posted by E.G.D. on May 3, 2012

Decoupage Seashells by E.G.D. (Left: Sea in the Shell, Right: Pink Elephant Parade)

I recently went to Galveston Island, Texas with my parents and my sister’s family, and I gathered a good many seashells.  My niece and nephew actually gathered about a gallon of shells (they’re at a not-very-discriminating age and picked up everything they could find).  We’ve got shells all over the place around here, and many of them are still sitting around in plastic bags that are half full of wet sand.

Now, I’m sure you see where I’m going with this.   I’m sure you’ve even been in my shoes a time or two.  I found myself asking the eternal question of the shell collector with too many of the same kind and color of shell: “what am I going to do with all of these?”

The answer did not immediately present itself, but I can be a pretty resourceful sort of person, and I teach after-school art classes to preschool and elementary school students.  Inspiration struck two weeks ago when I was teaching a unit on decoupage (the art of applying 2 dimensional art to a 3 dimensional form and then varnishing it.  The 2D art is almost always paper cutouts) to a class of fifth graders.  I asked them to please bring their own items for the project, but I also assured them that I would bring some items for those who couldn’t find anything at home.  The day before I started the lesson, I scrounged around in my things, and I came up with plastic and cardboard jewelry boxes, a plastic Easter egg, and a great big handful of seashells!  The seashells were a bit of an afterthought, and I didn’t really expect many people to use them because I thought the students would be bringing their own items, but when I arrived on the day we started the project, not one single student had brought one single thing.   It was a very, very good thing I came extra-prepared, and the students did some incredible work.  I would venture to say that my favorite pieces were the decoupage seashells.

Decoupage Shell Charm by Leah, 5th Grade Artist Extraordinaire

Now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for!  Here are the very simple instructions for how to make these beauties:  First, assemble cutouts for your decoupage collage.  For the examples shown above, I cut out teeny-tiny bits of photographs out of travel magazines.  The students were kind enough to help me find all sorts of fun pink things for the one on the right, and for the one on the left, I simply rifled through the pages cutting a tiny bit out of every body-of-water image I could find.

The inside of Leah’s Decoupage Shell Charm

If you look at the examples on the sides, you can see the incredible, bursting-with-personality piece that one of the students made with a 1” long shell that had a convenient hole in it.  It’s a charm!  Anyhow, on to the next instruction: water down some white glue, using about two parts glue to one part water.  When you’re ready to apply your magazine bits to your (clean and dry) shell, use a paint brush to brush the glue onto the shell (important note:this does not work nearly as well if you brush the glue onto the paper!).  Then apply the picture bits, carefully smoothing them down with your fingers or your paintbrush.  Finally, brush on one more layer of glue to seal everything and make it shiny.  If you want this project to be permanent, you could use varnish instead of glue, but I do not recommend using anything quick-drying and permanent if you are doing this project with kids under the age of 8 or 9.

There you have it!  Inspiration struck, opportunity knocked, and I now know one more fun thing to do with those extra seashells in my collection. Three cheers for fun, in or out of the sun! -E.G.D.

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Seashell Art Surprise!

Posted by E.G.D. on April 19, 2012

So, I don’t know about you, but the first thing I think of when I hear the word “Mediterranean” is “Sea.”  The second, with good reason, is “food.”  Every last one of us on the editorial and writing staff of Beach Treasures and Treasure Beaches (and our extended family) loves Mediterranean food.  Not unnaturally, my personal favorite buffet restaurant in the universe is Dimassi’s Mediterranean Buffet, and I was there just this past Saturday with my elder sister’s family and in-laws.  Now, any trip to Dimassi’s is awesome.  There is no exception.  However, this particular trip to the Dimassi’s in Sugar Land, Texas was extra awesome due to the fact that their decor included some seriously fun seashell craft pieces.  Behold the awesomeness!  You can click on any of the images below to scroll through the gallery ^_^:

As you can see, these are more likely to make people think “Mediterranean Sea” than “Mediterranean Food.”  The decorative seashell craft shelves with the pots sitting on them were on either side of the front door, and the candle holders were on a shelf across from the checkout desk. Aren’t they neat??

I especially like the use of the purple barnacles on the shelves!  I would venture to say that anyone with a shell collection could easily make these simple seashells crafts.  All it would take is a wire-mesh form for the candle holders, some simple wall-mount decorative shelves, seashells, and a good craft glue or hot glue gun.  If you happen to have a whole bunch of shells and nowhere to display them, this may be just the thing!

You never know where you’re going to spot the next awesome use for seashells and other beach treasures.  Three cheers for seashell art surprises!

Happy beach treasure crafting- E.G.D.

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