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Santa Cruz-a-palooza (Part 4: The Surfers)

Posted by Jody on June 3, 2013

Surf’s Up!  ~Early May in Santa Cruz on California’s Central Coast~

On our last day in Santa Cruz, Greg and I were thrilled to catch the surfers off of Cowell Beach. The water near the Santa Cruz Surfing Museum was teeming with wet-suited folks just waiting for the perfect wave. As we stood at the railing happily watching the action, I noticed more surfers quickly running toward the picturesque cliffs to enter the water. Not knowing if this was their usual routine, I wondered whether this was an especially good morning for surfing in Santa Cruz. You can see in the photo collage that we caught sight of one of the younger surfers jumping into the ocean from the unstable cliff edge. Most of the surfers just scrambled down the precarious bluff to the water’s edge to (safely?) enter the surf.

Wouldn’t the Beach Boys be proud?  ♬Catch a wave and you’re sitting on top of the world!♫

Surfing history in Santa Cruz, California:

“History records that surfboard riding first began in the Hawaiian Islands hundreds of years ago. It took until the late 1800’s and early 1900’s before it was introduced to the U.S. Mainland, mostly along the southern coast of California. Surfing became known in the Santa Cruz area when a few young men from the beaches of southern California migrated to the San Francisco Bay Area to seek jobs or to attend college. They already knew how to surf and brought their boards with them. Soon they discovered the beaches of Monterey Bay and the outstanding surf breaking across the outer reefs and sandbars at Cowell’s Beach.”

Source: Hal Goody, History of the Santa Cruz Surfing Club,  Santa Cruz Public Libraries

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Seas the Day!

Posted by Jody on March 15, 2013

Seas the Day!

Seas the Day!

Go for it now.  The future is promised to no one. 

~Wayne Dyer


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Surfing a Shark: A Real “Fish Story” (Seaside, Oregon)

Posted by Jody on October 14, 2011

Here’s a different twist on the traditional “fish story,” and never mind how big he was. (Actually, the shark was “this big”. And, yes, he got away!)

“A surfer says he was knocked off his board by a shark off the Oregon Coast and he ended up standing on the 10-to-12-foot great white for several seconds before it swam off” according to an Associated Press article from OregonLive.   YIPES!   Now there’s a story he can tell his gradkids someday in the future, especially since he lived through the experience quite safe and whole.  No other fish story they hear will ever compare ^_^.

“… Niblack’s board hit something solid that felt like a rock, though he knew there were no rocks there. He kicked down with both feet, trying to stand up so he wouldn’t get thrashed by the next wave, and found himself standing knee-deep in water on the back of the shark.” (AP) Nothing fishy about this tale!  There was a witness.

White Shark (Attribution: Pterantula/Wikimedia Commons)

Needless to say, this story has no lack of coverage in the press at the moment (for the obvious reasons), so we’re not going to go into detail here, but the story is fascinating, and we thought it would be worthwhile to bring it to your attention!

“Seaside, Ore., surfer says he stood on shark”

“Don’t tell fish stories where the people know you; but particularly, don’t tell them where they know the fish.” -Mark Twain

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