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Watch Out for Jellyfish Stings! Cocoa Beach, Florida

Posted by Jody on September 16, 2011

Yikes!  Question: When could you possibly need 20 gallons of vinegar at the beach?  Answer: When you have thousands of jellyfish stings to thousands of beachgoers in just a few days! Vinegar is a key ingredient in the treatment of jellyfish stings.  Florida’s Brevard Ocean Rescue team has been very busy treating vacationers (and themselves) for these irritating stings at Cocoa Beach, Florida this week.

According to a story at Central Florida News 13:“Sea Lice” — a nickname for jellyfish larva — are also taking a toll on those swimming in the water. Combine that with the hundreds of adult jellyfish stings, and it’s putting a sting into some peoples’ beach day.

Moon Jellyfish (Photo by Yosemite, from Wikimedia Commons)

First aid for jellyfish stings from Brevard County Ocean Lifeguards website:

Rinse the wound with sea water. DO NOT use fresh water.
Deactivate the remaining cells with vinegar over a 30 minute period.
Remove any remaining tentacles with forceps or a gloved hand. DO NOT rub the area. Anticipate anaphylactic reactions, call 911 if necessary.

So, avoid those jellyfish stings, stay safe to have a great day at the beach!

Click here to read the entire story of the Cocoa Beach jellyfish invasion.

UPDATE 9/25/2011: PALM BEACH, FL. More jellyfish stings! (STORY: News Channel 5) “Lifeguards up and down the coast have pulled out their purple flags warning people that jellyfish are back and they could sting you.”

UPDATE 11/27/2011: Can Jellyfish Mean Good News? Sea Turtle Update

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